Mathematics is science, frog!




You can choose to treat yourself with natural remedies if you wish and, indeed, some of them may work. Cannabis seems to have efficacy for some people as does St John’s Wort. Vaccination has been tested to the utmost and the evidence is very clear that that the long established vaccination treatments work. MMR is a case in point. I am not saying that in a very small percentage of cases that there may be some negative side effects but in the case of MMR no research has been able to replicate Wakefield’s findings.

In the case of anti-biotics it is certainly the case that there is growing resistance towards them by bugs. That doesn’t mean that they have not been efficatious and saved very many lives but it does mean that research must go on to find new anti-biotics.

It may be that if you have children you have chosen not to vaccinate them but in making that choice you are contributing to the reduction in the so-called “herd immunity” effect and i would much rather that you did not increase the level of risk for my and other peoples’s families.




There will not be no new antibiotics, there is absolutely nothing as far as anyone knows! When you wake up to big pharmaceutical you will realise that in most parts they are a con. You just have to look at HIV-AIDS, which is the biggest fraud ever. The antiviral drugs have a very close relationship to hodgkin lymphoma.

I have had measels twice! The last time when I was 20! You´re talking about things where there is little infomation. Of the 600+ cases in New York which has a population of 19m, that´s an astronimical low chance of contracting measels. Your chances of winning the lottery are higher. In all these 600 cases what is the age group? Have they all been immunised? I gave an emperical case study of that Kid “Jake”, who had two MMR´s & still got the worst case of measels ever. It´s highly probable the case of measels came from the vaccine.

“I would much rather that you did not increase the level of risk for my and other peoples’s families”. Measels is an eradicated disease. Only 6000 cases last year with no reported deaths or injuries. The last death of measels in the U.S. was 2007, this was a seriously sick person with underlying health issues.

You have no problem driving your car. pollution from vehicles is the main killer & harmer of kids today. Things like Coca Cola are far more predujucial to health than age old viruses. it´s oximoronic some of your arguments.


You may consider that the number of cases in New York is low…perhaps this is because of the numbers who have been vaccinated? There is a clear correlation between increasing aversion to vaccination and the rising numbers who are being infected.

I suppose that you also believe that the earth is flat?



p.s it is spelled “measles”


You need to understand the laws of probabilty & chance something you cannot appear to comprehend! The probabilty of small numbers come into play here. 600 out of 19.5m population, 0.00315789 %, I think any reasonable right minded person would consider this a low chance/probabilty. There is a clear correlation between increasing aversion to vaccination and the rising numbers who are being infected. You would be laughed at by any mathematican, your statement is almost comical. you´re just pulling statements out of thin air & stating them as fact, on such small numbers??? Ignorant?

Basically you don´t know any facts about any of the cases, so is your argument a rational one? This is starting to become farsical if not stupid to absolute insanity. Where is the epicentre of the virus? This “epidemic” could well come from the vaccine itself. Prove your arguments using mathematics.

I am not going to continue because this is becoming absurd & highly irrational. If you cannot use scientific argument, what´s the point?


I am sorry Sara but it is your own irrationality that blinds you to the science. You may say that small numbers are infected but you do not seem to recognise that the numbers are comparatively small because of the success of vaccination programmes.

Also as you want to emphasise “small numbers”, let’s bring it down to the smallest number of all which could be the only child in a family who dies because her parents bought into the anti-vacc propaganda that is pushed by Wakefield and people like you.

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Cite an emperical case study of an healthy individual dying of measels! Back up your hypothetical claim. What about cases where the child has an adverse reaction to the drug? There are emperical case studies.


You are just getting sillier and sillier Sara.

All you need to know is here in this academic summary.

Ignorance kills!






Hi Sara,

It seem that politicians across the world can understand the science of maths. I am not sure about you though.

We have had The Groper expressing alarm about the growing number of measles cases in the US. Clearly he does not want to cop the blame after his previous anti-vacc statement ahead of second term elections.

Above, I posted the UK’s Matt Hancock’s message that compulsory vaccination hasn’t been ruled out here.

In today’s Guardian is reporting that Germany is considering fining parents who refuse to vaccinate their children the sum of 2,500 euros.

Bring it on Germany!


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Getting more like Nazi Germany everyday!


Thanks for your reply Sara, sad as it is.

Perhaps all these politicians are attending to the science and the maths and don’t want their country’s children become unnecessarily poorly, damaged or die when effective vaccinations are available.

By the way, what is your position on climate change?


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Don’t believe in climate change, but I do believe that pollution is a huge problem that could certainly affect weather & climate. You have changes in the magnetic north pole which could certainly affect pressures & jet streams. The earth´s climate is always changing that´s called weather.


Good morning Sara,

Its no surprise that you don’t believe in climate change despite the weight of scientific evidence. Puts you in the same camp as Farage and The Groper and many other right-wingers. I guess that you get your views from social media and oddball websites.




I see your one of the gulliable PR brigade.

“Exposure to diversity is the catalyst that will ignite tolerance, acceptance and understanding.”



Cases of pertussis. All of them are vaccinated.


A bit of a deperate throw there Sara. As we know the scientific proof is in the maths. No-one claims vaccination is 100% effective. Here is WHO’s view on the mattter:




Look at the ages, loverboy! Not the normal ages for pertussis. It’s the vaccines that create the epidemics!!!


“Pertussis can affect people of all ages, but can be very serious, even deadly, for babies less than a year old.”


Whooping cough can affect people of any age, including:

babies and young children – young babies under six months of age are at a particularly increased risk of complications of whooping cough
older children and adults – it tends to be less serious in these cases, but can still be unpleasant and frustrating
people who've had whooping cough before – you're not immune to whooping cough if you've had it before, although it tends to be less severe the second time around
people vaccinated against whooping cough as a child – protection from the whooping cough vaccine tends to wear off after a few years

You can get whooping cough if you come into close contact with someone with the infection.


Sara, actually its people like you that create epidemics. Did you read the WHO link?




Sara, actually its people like you that create epidemics. Did you read the WHO link?