MCT - Muscat



I think it highly unlikely that WSG’s has won a major contract at the Muscat new airport.
The airport opens in 5 days and all the trials are either well advanced or completed.


Dr Ahmed Al Futaisi, Minister of Transport and Communications, said: ?The ministry and its strategic partners are ready to begin operations after the final confirmation that all systems are ready, following the conclusion of the recently conducted operational tests.?

Investors have to ‘hope’ that this was not the much hyped, almost signed major contract so eagerly anticipated by the Directors of WSG.


really don’t see any compelling reason to remain with this share. no capital growth
for many months and no divi. its an extremely weak hold at best.


None whatsoever…bye…


someone - who pumped £300,000 into this on Friday afternoon - disagrees!


Hellooooo… nowt but tumbleweed in here. Anybody got any opinions? Muscat a dud? Dramatic announcement still to come? Other ideas for what this “breakthrough contract” might be? Onewayticket - any thoughts?