MM shorts getting closed with introduction to market of placing shares



Yep , we’ve all seen this happen so many times before . Ironic how Kat finds it strange I bought two trading tranches back around the 1.20p /share mark but then the profit made in selling them at a higher price before re-buying at the 1.20p /share mark outweighed the risk of being only one trading tranche in on next spike , alluvial results might cause that .

I’m looking to buy more trading tranches as the shorts get closed on open market with forthcoming placing shares but who knows with the pound crashing and the US dollar flying making our gold revenue stream create even greater profits . I might just have to stick with the two I got . Hopefully the MM is stuck with shorts open when the Sino 2 alluvial results arrive with Omnia , Guy Fawkes hard rock update but none to worried if the MM gaps up to cover him / herself .Seen it so many times before with Xtract Resources but then having an heads up from a panicky MM on another bulletin board is always a help . All in my own opinion of course that’s proved very profitable to me over the years … :slight_smile:


Bit of adverse publicity about CB being in league with criminal hot shots maybe knocked the sp a bit this morning so I took another tranche at 1.13. Let’s see where we go now…


the prior

I totally ignored that blog since it’s got the old ( l.s.e. ) poster BuriedTreasure oozing out of it . The term , " fake news " springs to mind or more commonly known as spam .

Well done on your top up at 1.13p /share , that well wicked . I’m hopeful of getting me next tranche at 1p … aye , I know wishful thinking but with no buys the MM who’s shorting is taking the SP down by closing the shorts open . Bravo to him / her too … I’m mainly in cash but not a fool … :slight_smile:


Voxmarket podcast , released today , Xtract Resources summary starts 20 mins .