Mr.Colin Bird proving his point with regards to Market Cap by buying another 1 million XTR shares



Xtract Resources , chairman Mr.Colin Bird has said before he believes the Market Makers have undervalued Xtract Resources hence I’m not surprised he picked up another million shares at a rediculously low share price . Since Market Cap and share price are relative to shares in issue why not take advantage of it before the Market Makers do what they’ve done so many times before with XTR … yep , they tend to gap it up quite nicely .

With news due on many fronts in Q4 2019 it should be an interesting , profitable time with POG being around the US$1,500 /oz mark throughout Q3 2019 . Revenue results from alluvial sales in Dubai should be a nice tonic to add with the Kalengwa decision … hum … Mr,Colin Bird seems to think so … :slight_smile:


Appears Mr.Colin Bird added 1 million XTR shares previously on 2nd August 2019 . A day after the Manica Alluvial Gold Update was announced via RNS . This time he’s done it on 14th October 2019 two weeks prior to the release of the Q3 , Sino 2 alluvial gold update . Well that sounds like he doesn’t want to take any chances by buying after alluvial gold profits are revealed to market after sale of gold in Dubai this time .

We do already know Sino 2 entered the chicken farm area of the Manica prospect during the 1st month of Q3 2019 where there are higher grades and less overburden . Since it’s stated in the 1st August 2019 RNS Number : 5993H :
" However, total alluvial mining production for the month of July alone is expected to be around 14.50Kg, which is the second best month in terms of production for 2019 and at current gold prices the best month in terms of revenue accrued to Explorator for 2019. Conditions therefore appear to be improving and we look forward to a stronger 3rd quarter . "

Alas , after two cyclones flooded low lying land in Mozambique and caused disruption to infrastructure the second half of 2019 has always looked much rosier than first half . We await news with regards to the outcome of the 90 day due diligence at the Kalengwa processing copper project . News with regards to more alluvial sub contractors being taken on at Manica and much much more . All with the knowledge Xtract Resources is debt free , cash in the bank with an ever increasing revenue stream from Sino 2 along with hard rock progress that will substantially increase the market Cap of XTR in the near term . All in my own opinion of course but easily proved with a little research .