With testing underway and expected positive results the sp could well explode. I predict we will see well in excess of 100% today. Dyor.


well if it does, I will find my un’tastiest hat and eat it…


Last 30 minutes is going to be interesting don’t think the mm’s can hold I down!


MISILDB. Me too !!!


They’ve managed every other time, so what’s different this time?
It will come good eventually, when they get a customer.


So what happened alltold…???


You were correct pi4 back down to 14p now .
The brave could buy.


Wish i had… increased limit sale from 0.2p to 0.21p last night and it lifted @ 9.04 am @ 0.2203 ( W ) not showing in trade history.


Topped up @ 0.15 ( D )
Restricted here before.


Hope your correct here Bowood.
I’m not sure i saw the fund raise for 0.15p on 6th Dec. ( Beaufort, they are still not accepting new money )
Might of waited for 0.14p if i had.
so many to keep an eye on… lol


Over last two days in top risers and top fallers the spread is 14% and its all in that i feel.
The crooks in the city , taking advantage of those unfamiliar with dealing.
Widows and orphans among there victims.


Not sure the market thinks its such a great RNS the price has dropped 3.5%.


what they have found is worth a fortune, if they can get it out of the ground, and with open mining a piece of cake…we should get a good rise within the next month or two…


Had a 0.127p top up target for a few weeks .
Coming near last few days.
Had funds ( B & S ) and set limits on both.
And on ( D ) but took it of to change to GTC dropped it to 0.126 p and it went through within a min wile on phone to them !!! ( that’s a saving of £8 per 1k )
Able to cancel ( S ) then ( B ) they where not as good with this deal.


RNS … up 20 %
looks like patience here has paid off been lucky with this on before .


Wow, great news, the market is slow to react.


Topped up @ 0.1p



Topped up ( Si ) a 60 % deal with spare funds on it .
If i had waited 30 mins… more funds from UJO sale on there .


Up 28% today with 33% spread .
July one tied up … Dec 2018 ( D )


Another spike to mid August level today … big spread :roll_eyes: