You were correct pi4 back down to 14p now .
The brave could buy.


Wish i had… increased limit sale from 0.2p to 0.21p last night and it lifted @ 9.04 am @ 0.2203 ( W ) not showing in trade history.


Topped up @ 0.15 ( D )
Restricted here before.


Hope your correct here Bowood.
I’m not sure i saw the fund raise for 0.15p on 6th Dec. ( Beaufort, they are still not accepting new money )
Might of waited for 0.14p if i had.
so many to keep an eye on… lol


Over last two days in top risers and top fallers the spread is 14% and its all in that i feel.
The crooks in the city , taking advantage of those unfamiliar with dealing.
Widows and orphans among there victims.


Not sure the market thinks its such a great RNS the price has dropped 3.5%.


what they have found is worth a fortune, if they can get it out of the ground, and with open mining a piece of cake…we should get a good rise within the next month or two…


Had a 0.127p top up target for a few weeks .
Coming near last few days.
Had funds ( B & S ) and set limits on both.
And on ( D ) but took it of to change to GTC dropped it to 0.126 p and it went through within a min wile on phone to them !!! ( that’s a saving of £8 per 1k )
Able to cancel ( S ) then ( B ) they where not as good with this deal.


RNS … up 20 %
looks like patience here has paid off been lucky with this on before .


Wow, great news, the market is slow to react.


Topped up @ 0.1p



Topped up ( Si ) a 60 % deal with spare funds on it .
If i had waited 30 mins… more funds from UJO sale on there .


Up 28% today with 33% spread .
July one tied up … Dec 2018 ( D )


Another spike to mid August level today … big spread :roll_eyes:


After dropping back to 0.105 since last spike one month back … another spike back to 0.13 today .
Must be a monthly game, easy to get confused with such low share price.


RNS…Placing this morning , Did not move share price that much… shows you should always take any profit on AIM placings all the time …

Sunrise Resources Raises GBP350,000 For US Perlite Mine Development
from Alliance News | 4th November 2019 10:28
(Alliance News) - Sunrise Resources PLC said Monday it raised GBP350,000 through a discounted share placing as it looks to fund completion of permitting for its perlite mine in the US state of Nevada.

Sunrise issued 350.0 million shares at 0.10 pence each. Shares in Sunrise were 10% lower at 0.12 pence in London on Monday.

Amongst the subscribers in the placing, Executive Chair Patrick Cheetham bought GBP100,000 worth of the shares. This takes his stake to 225.6 million shares in the firm, equivalent to a 7.3% stake.

Sunrise will use the funds to progress its CS Pozzolan perlite project in Nevada. Perlite is a type of volcanic glass used in a number of industrial applications.

Permitting is scheduled to be completed at CS Pozzolan by the end of 2019. In addition, the funds will be used to undertake further sampling and preparatory work for the start-up of the mine.

By Ahren Lester;

Copyright 2019 Alliance News Limited. All Rights Reserved.

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Hardly a MUTTIBAGGER here in 2017

same price

Just my observations :slight_smile:


The annoying message from ( D )

Unfortunately this product is not available for trading. This could be due to regulatory reasons, your current profile or an internal decision.


Spiked up 12% again today going past previous 0.14p resistance to 0.15 at one point ( had just taken a break and out at banks of course lol )


Should of taken that placing today @ 0.11 … share dropped to 0.12p