Muscat Oman Evidence Summary



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Some reasons to believe the location of the middle east contract is Muscat airports new terminal in Oman which we saw today is due to open on the 20th of March 2018.

  1. “Accordingly, arrangements are currently being made for high level meetings to hopefully finalise the security services contract and the Company is working with UK Governmental bodies and other institutions to deal with related financing issues whilst Westminster’s business development team continues to progress negotiations of the long term multi-million-pound incremental requirement for related services at all international airports within the country.”

Taken from the RNS Number : 1311L 29 September 2016

All international airports… This rules out several Middle Eastern countries such as Qatar who only have 1 international airport. Oman has 3.

  1. Multiple trips by the PM and senior government officials to the gulf “Gulf security is our security.” Theresa and Tony Baldry who is now Executive Chairman go back a long way? The letter of intent was received not long after Tony joined WSG.