NEW ARTICLE: Be patient with Neil Woodford



“Neil Woodford is one of the world’s leading fund managers, with a long and successful track record. He has been investing in out-of-favour companies with sustainable earnings and strong cash flows for over 25 years. After leaving Invesco …”


According to this article about Woodford:

“over 10 years to the end of August 2017, the manager has delivered annualised 7.7% return against the FTSE All Share index 6%”

Thought I’d check that to my own performance over roughly the same ten year period and was surprised to see I was pretty much exactly in line with that:
7.0% average annual return on shares for ten years to 31 Dec 2016.
7.7% average annual return on properties for same ten year period.
11.6% average annual return on total equity if I include all gains including salary after tax.

Thought I’d done better than that! Clearly cannot even beat Woody so perhaps should simply give him my money to manage while I concentrate on the day job.