NEW ARTICLE: The Oil Man: Pantheon Resources



“Pantheon ResourcesI’m on the move a lot this week but, following yesterday’s announcement from LSE:PANR:Pantheon and a useful call to Jay Cheatham, I thought that I should make a few comments, as the market reaction was furious and somewhat …”


Tom Winifrith calls Malcolm… a" Fat sh.t " who is paid by these oil company’s.
in his blog yesterday ( Wednesday )

can any of these individuals be trusted ???


You’re right, good old Tom wasn’t overly complimentary, but in essence, was questioning where Malcy got his £2.00 target from, as no analysis was provided.


“Tom Winifrith calls Malcolm… a” Fat sh.t " who is paid by these oil company’s.
in his blog yesterday ( Wednesday )

can any of these individuals be trusted ???"

Well, there you go, the essence of the matter.

Trust no one in the market and you won’t go far wrong.

I am no fan of Malcom’s that’s for sure. He is fat, there is no denying and he does come across as a buffoon. So, why in God’s name would you trust him?

I can’t think of one reason to blindly follow him. I do not know if he is paid by them directly however on a recent TIP TV Vid, IIRC, he did mention he got a call from someone representing another Oil company stating they would be drilling soon.

That struck me as incredible to think Oil Company had him on speed dial, I mean why?


Big Fall since.


This has had a massive fall since i last posted. ???


Surprised to see the last mention on malcy blog was 31/03/17.
Six weeks and price tanking . note he says he does not buy or sell any he writes about.
Why not ??


Up late rushing distracted put in yesterdays target of 60p which went through strait away @ 8.25am.
could of brought for 58 p early lol


Nice little article under news here 8 May… tips on how to avoid duds on AIM …
wish i knew how to do that… lol


How to avoid duds on AIM? You ask Ripley.

A. Avoid little oilies. They won’t buy you three houses, two Bentleys and a 65 foot luxury yacht marooned off Monte Carlo Bay. Lol.

Instead try these:
IQE BUR KWS SOM G4M BOO XPP ZYT , just a few examples.

PANR can’t dig out Oil in Texas. Everybody else does. Texas is all Oil. :frowning:

I now losing 58% of my money invested in PANR. How long would it take me to join the 90% Club? ie shares that lose me more than 90% of my money? I reckon by mid August 2017. What do you think Ripley? Lol.

BTW the 90% Club was prevalent during the crash era of 2000/2001 if you’re old enough to remember it. HaHaHa

GLA. You need it.
Dr M


Didn’t check history once more placed limit 56p and got 55.5p… As good as any early doors.
Thanks for advise marksman but I’ve started doing a whole lot better following my own system.
Picked up some right duds ( KRS…eg ) on that site you and nigel the snake post on :slight_smile:


KRS? Not me gov. :slight_smile:

Ripley94. The share price chart of KRS is in the link above.
As bad as PANR. Another 90% Club candidate. I don’t think I ever invested in this. I would not have touched it with a barge pole.

Ripley, you need to get away from these little resources companies like little oilies, little goldies, little mining companies …etc
They are bad for your wealth. They will not make you rich in doubly quick time. They won’t .
Good luck
Dr M


Thanks again Marksman … I did name who was ramping it on the know all site :slight_smile:
I am doing well of late :slight_smile: … in the summer my son wanted a nice safe share just started work and was saving for first car… Advised him L&G … He did well took his profit and got his car.
So i do agree AIM is not the most sensible place to invest … maybe addicted to the gamble.
I will look at your selection and have read your posts on the mentioned site.
Best of luck to you as well x


Just sold that first buy of Monday for 71p that will cover my lunches over the weekend …
Paddle your own canoe.:slight_smile:


Just noticed it was Tuesday even better :slight_smile: ill have to get up late more often… lol


Topped @ 57p (8.43 )


Up 17% today to level of my top up, with hindsight can see logic of waiting for rise off bottom , would have had the cash for about a month.


A long awaited positive update!!!


Placing RNS Thursday 27th July stifiel sole bookrunner, Panmure co lead manager in respect of the placing .
…43p… 4.4% discount.