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Topped up yesterday @ 17.5 p … sure i have posted since July 2017 last year but can not see .
Well just searched again it appears i did not note a previous top up on 11th April 2018 @ 20p .


Apologies for butting in. Maybe there are more posts are other threads. The easiest way to check your posting history (again apologies if you do not already know this) is to click on your User avatar (top right) and then click on your name on the left. Go to “Activity” then click on the search magnifying glass. Put the tag for the relevant Company you want to see your posts on, the relevant list should appear and you will see your posts listed in reverse posting order.


No need to aplogies bowman i thank you for trying to help.
Yes i sussed how to look down the threads but my little " avater " i have learnt what its called on this site now was not showing against any other thread.
I did not know about the magnifying glass ( i was just scrolling down looking for my avatar thanks again for pointing that out )
I found the old site much better you ?
When you are not on a certain share but looking at general discussion you have no idea what share they are disusing before clicking on reading and messing about further.


I am unsure, from your formulation, if you have understood me correctly. So I will show step by step what I meant.
When you are on a particular thread click on you avatar, see red arrow.

Then click on your name, see red arrow.
The click on “Activity”, see red arrow.

Finally click on magnifying glass and enter Company code, see red arrows. Here the “Search posts by” box is ticked by default, but check that it is, see green arrow.
You will then get a list of your posts for the particular Company discussion board. If the list is long there is an entry at the bottom of the displayed list that says “See more”, click that and you will see the entire list in descending data order.

With regard to the old vs new discussion, I find the discussion section of the new infinitely better, but it is a pity that the “Research” side of it is currently only a rather poor imitation of what was there before.

Notwithstanding that I like the new discussion section better, there are still bugs to be fixed and some improvements that need to be implemented. Progress on the “free” side of this site is slowed by the necessity to concentrate on the trading side first.

The allocation of posts to Companies and categories is done by the User who establishes the thread. I have noticed many time posts under “General” that are obviously discussing a particular Company, but the User who posted it did not fill out all the relevant boxes. There is little that ii can do about it since they are not clairvoyant. In general if a thread has been given a tag (Company allocation) then this appears at the top of the page in a small grey field. Unfortunately the new site, exactly the same as the old one, cannot prevent Users from putting general discussions (e.g. Brexit) under a particular Company tag. This is also the case of rants about the new site, that should not be entered against a Company tag but should be entered under the “Site Feedback” category.


What i experience bowman is when you put in the company tag ( your example panr )
It shows up other things were those words happen to be mentioned .
Certain BB that i had left comments on are not there anymore.
An example Gemfelds which was taken over by a south African company last year .
The old notes/ messages were useful to refer to .


Just watch a clip from Malcy ( 3rd July lse )hes gone off this one and now thinks investors should of cut losses .
He removed it from his “bucket list.”


Sold the last top up 5th July @ 17.5p back @ 19p ( had it in mind and alert @ 18.5 )
But noticed after my sell there is good news apparently today in 7am RNS ,( And lse positive chat on same ) Malcy comments 40/60 against to my read of it .
But this looks a prudent decisions by mid day as price has fallen back.
Main reason is i had missed the fact that i topped up on 11th April 2018 @ 20p , plus had not seen Malcy change of thought on it 3rd July ( he removed from his bucket list )
I do hope Malcy is trustworthy and not pushing his own book.



I think Malcy is a fat untrustworthy greasy spiv and I feel so very annoyed with myself
for having been taken in by his smarmy smooth talking crap and his unctious interview
with that snake oil salesman Jay Cheetham which lured me into the PANR trap and
a big black hole in my portfolio. I hate to be taken in and I hate to lose money in this
way and wish them both the worst of luck.

and i hope that iii ban fat ugly Malcy from their website.I will spit on my screen if I
ever see his nasty face again.


Hi Tradingup .
Did you hang on ? Not my worse one i’m afraid not sure any AIM share is worth the bother. Winnifrith is always slagging Malcy but is he any better ?
My avatar not showing against this tread.
RNS This morning ( 7th Aug ) Share Prophets news say “pre-placing ramp” .
They fell to 14.85 p yesterday that might of been a good buying opportunity ?


Hi Ripley

I got shot of most of them but still hold a few showing an 80% loss. I bought as high as
183p! I note they’ve crept back up to circa 18p now. They sit alongside PMG- another
oily disaster area showing me a loss of more than 70%.

I think I’ve had my fill of small AIM miners and oilies!!! - SEY was another huge
disappointment after many patient years of holding on I shook myself free a while ago.


Topped up 15.40p thought it was year low but see here 14.85p August 7th .


Sold that top up of just six days ago back @ 17.40 it is showing a rise of 7% this time i was correct in thinking that was to low.
The sell shows as a buy on history that can not be trusted on shares like these .


Sold the 11th April 2018 top up for 21p at close on today’s spike of 30%
In hindsight would of been wise to top up again early October when they fell back to 14.85p.
Were are the naysayers now ?


Tried to buy them back early @ 20p would of been good idea 23p @ 10am.


Rns … Duster in Alaska negative comments on other chat sites .
It was a top faller @ - 25% to 19p .
Read Malcy on chat sites thinks fall was overdone.
Interesting to look back and see Marksman51 was on this tread ( taking it that is dr m and not the other one ?? )
Bowman also .
After my ( premature in hindsight ) slice 4th January they climbed to 25p … see trades of 18.97p Friday .
In Further Further .


Malcy call was correct in hindsight up 20% today , now up to 29p !!!


Topped up on 17.92 limit … ( D… not excepting 17.95 :smile: )


No alert… noticed at Manor house after drive back up 34% trades @ 24p.
Rns … oil discovery Alaska better then expected flow rate .
looks like a lucky trade Thursday ( especially with moaner )


Sliced my top up of 6 days back @ 25p yesterday .
Just trying to keep to a plan , and want more funds in cash as i had gone into rainy day barrier .
27p sells today.


Big fall yesterday read on Lse chat Malcy has turned on it ( they suggested sour as stopped out )
Up 4 % today .