This board isn’t half the fun it used to be when we had Les posting his reasons why BP was doomed and Bitcoin was the place to put your money. Exactly a year ago he recommended switching your BP investment into Bitcoin. At the time BP share price was 495p and Bitcoin $13000. Today 503p (Plus of course about 30p in dividends) and $3640.
I do miss his advice; doing the opposite of what he said was a good way to make money



And don’t forget Monero… if you’d invested in that your wad would be worse off by 90%…

I do miss the reports on robberies and bad service at BP gas stations though.


Who got him into the cyrptos? He like frog, needs to understand think/question/evaluation, never believe nothing mainstream media tells you. Some investment bank had bought the programme off of some mathematics faculty & then marketed it. He needs to understand bubbles, it should have been clear very early on Bitcoin, was a bubble (& still is).

All this Britexit (two sides of the same coin) is just being used as a smokescreen to avoid other nasties, just like many of these Russian stories, it takes attention away from other areas.