O T Global Warming? Are We Being Conned?



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The following link thanks to Mikemine on LSE board.

It makes an interesting and controversial read.



Looks like a hoax website :slight_smile:


Another anti-science website peddling lies. Greta Thunberg has more common sense in her little finger than notrickszone.

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Yes we are being conned! When there was no “global warming” they changed it to “climate change”. The climate has always changed and always will change, man cannot change the climate it is a perfectly natural cycle. Man can pollute the planet, but that is a different issue, and I am not talking CO2 which is good and makes the plants grow and again is a perfectly normal greenhouse gas present in very small amounts.
Look at the Steve Goreham video lecture again.

Do not demonise co2



I didn’t waste 40 minutes or so watching the video you posted suspecting that it would be worthless climate change denying propaganda. Instead I spent a few minutes looking into Steve Goreham. As expected he is not a climate change scientist. A qualification in electrical engineering doesn’t count I am afraid. He appears to be a right wing energy industry lobbyist. It is very typical for the far right to be suckers for climate change (and other) conspiracy theories. They don’t like anything that gets in the way of profits, whatever the cost to our environment.

You can learn about Goreham here:

Looking at your own history of posts, it is clear that you are only interested in oil investments. I presume that you are or have been involved in the industry or are otherwise simply obsessed with oil investments so I can see where you are coming from.

A few years ago we had a great poster on these boards by the name of LK Hyman. He had worked with Shell, if I remember rightly, and like Goreham was similarly dismissive of renewable energy criticising wind turbines for producing electricity at excessive costs. Thats not the case any more. Time moves on.

I think you could learn a thing or two from Greta Thunberg.

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The Steve Goreham video has been posted here a few months back.
Was rubbish then and still is…he does present well, even though his interpretation of the facts are inaccurate.

The vast majority of scientist agree, the climate is warming, CO2 makes a contribution as do other gases and natural changes!

Come clean, if you invest in the Hydrocarbon industry (and I do) you contribute to an industry that damages the environment. Sticking your head in the sand doesn’t make the facts go away, 7.7billons humans do effect the climate, some considerably more than others.


Article in The Guardian … say no more.


c, Had your number as soon as you turned up last time.



You have confirmed that you are a right-winger. Probably quite extreme I expect. There is a lot more very sensible criticism of Goreham online.

Are you claiming that he has relevant scientific qualifications?

Perhaps you also believe in other online conspiracy theories, may be the anti-vaccine ones too?

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Bob, I’m sure you have good experience within the industry, I appreciate and value some of your contribution to this board.

Just think you are need to understand the science, it’s not a debatable subject.


“its not a debatable subject” I rest my case.


frog, Pathetic. And according to cwmtawe you are a hypocrite.


For interesting and true articles take a look here. Everything you need to know, facts are facts, the truth is out there.

Good article on Greta and her family and their connections.


Touchy Bobsson? An interest in climate change denial is a sure sign of an ostrich with his head in the sand.


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Wow! Where do you find this stuff :slight_smile:


To be perfectly clear, bobsson, I am not “anti-oil”. I hold RDSB and BP. I am simply a concerned citizen who, whilst recognising that oil use is going to be necessary for the foreseeable future, also understands that the climate change science is both true and requires urgent action to reduce the use of carbon based fuels. I am pleased that Shell also sees this and is increasing its investments in renewables. I also invest in The Renewables Infrastructure Group (TRIG). I would be pleased to hear of any other recommendations for renewables investments.


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Climate change denial? Where I have I said that? Just to repeat, the climate is changing, has always changed and always will change. Man cannot change the climate - it occurs naturally in cycles which have been clearly charted in history.


Rubbish bobsson. You are completely outgunned by the majority of expert scientific opinion that the current change in the climate is driven by man.



Mama mia nice acronym frog - must admit I’m hedging on the side of data here (I’m a chemist btw).
And no I’m not right wing (living in East Germany I see enough of that cack).

Could I ask if you are aware which greenhouse gas is the most prevalent in the atmosphere ?
I was gobsmacked when I found out…and its not CO2.


jg, I know! I know! But I will let FIAT tell you. Clue, the answer is in the Steve Goreham lecture above.