on the way to 75p



Ripley is a plank. On AO World he claimed the share had dropped just 5% after his bullish post. He calculated this using share prices which bore no relation the company’s share. He also claimed never to have posted on another share board, having done so a number of times.

But admitting he might be wrong - clearly beyond his capabilities, which suggests a very, very fragile ego and a man most likely full of self loathing.


What a twerp Kryptes is.


So you can’t work out what a company’s share price is or do basic maths or remember where you have posted but all that makes other people twerps, does it? You are the sort of scum which spoils sites like this.


I read a post by Winnifrith that he was abused at school that does not make all adult males scum .
Get some therapy is my advice .


Tried to buy some more @ 22p did not lift.


Is that really the best you can do? To suggest someone was abused at school because they mock your inability to do simple maths? Childish and truly pathetic.


Information … Hugh_Betcha sees my last message after 23 days , at exactly same time kryptes leaves a similar message on AO. board .
Easier to spot that connection then predicting share price movement maybe ?
Both 9.05 am lol.
Orchard Gate is another connected name ( admitted to me in a previous post by “Kryptes” ) Kryptes has referred to the AO. BB above on this tread.
If others have suspicions of multiple posting please help to expose.


You have blogged about have you forgot.


In hindsight the choice on Monday 17th @ 22p was a good call 24p by Friday 21st .


28p now i wonder if Betcha and kryptes ( same posters in any case ) took a short position in Nov/Dec … id love to have a bet on that lol


You couldn’t say that in English, could you?


Problems with the race of some ?


RNS 7am Director change market liked it up 25 % @ 26.80p


Up again today now a three month high of 35p in hindsight Dec 17th 22p was a good idea.
Lots of avatars removed from many posts , some avatars can be seen including Kryptes, Hugh_Betcha , ShareCrazy… !!!


I thought this was headed all the way to 75p. Now just 35p. Another dog stock recommendation from Ripley.


I do not think it was Ripley who said "all the way to 75p " Was it Kryptes i wonder.
From memory i sliced around 70p .
Kryptes posted on another site he wished he could trade a few shares but for some odd reason could not lol


Double figure rise today to 44p… back around my last top up.
Chat on other sites of take over .
The failed attempt in Dec @ 22p was correct move.


Just read finance director bought shares day after my last post here .
He might of bought into rising share price .
Fallen back a little but direction might be upwards.
Have to check if shorts are reducing .


Have not looked at this since April in hindsight i should of topped up after my last post went to 51.8p on the 12th June.
At least last two tops now in the blue.
Kryptes will not be back unless she drops back ( one of many on here trying to wrong foot good folk i fear )


Saw i am in overall profit with these now , looks like i saw this 18 days back .
But just refer to last two .