Open cut & underground development



With today’s RNS highlighting Solgold , Cascabel project has progressed further than most realise I doubled my share holding . It was this sentence that did it for me in much the same way " rig 2 " being at Cascabel and operational prompted me to buy in

SolGold is investigating both high tonnage / low grade open cut and high grade low tonnage underground developments as a block caving operation.

I’ve always thought if an open cut was attainable a joint venture ( JV ) would be sought . Hence the resource statement expected to be announced by mid 2016 , at Alpala the most advanced target at Cascabel , may well be linked with a ( JV ) proposal . If it is I’m sure positions will be taken well in advance of any announcement but this to me is a long term hold . At least six months before any fundamental progress or have we drill results that could easily do that before hand … hum … probably … :slight_smile:


with a tad over 2 million shares traded and the share price dropping by almost 10% it doesn’t take a genius to work out what’s going on here when you accept there are almost 823 million SOLG shares in issue . Yep , not all 2 million shares traded today were sells either my 104k certainly wasn’t at 1.45p /share and even at the bell the real time ask wasn’t far off that mark . On the bid side well that dropped like a stone 300k shares offered at 1.33p /share . So are the ( MM’s ) filling orders , shaking out traders , setting a bear trap for shorter’s .

Well there’s always a joint venture announcement on open pit mining that could cause a very big squeeze and from ( MM ) patterns . Accepting all my shares at 1.585/6p /share only 7 days ago I’d say the ( MM’s ) are doing a very big shake for a reason , just hope I buy back all the shares I sold then at a very big discount before the bounce … :slight_smile:


Hmmm interesting DS, you don’t mean to say the mm’s have information that we poor PI’s don’t have!!!
Well I’m “shocked” !! perhaps yes a JV on the horizon, perhaps even the (over)!)due hole 13 results are about to surface (esp given the drill rates in recent presentation!), perhaps another golden with green fringe outcrop found? Who can tell?
Back to hole 13…this must have completed now unless “bad luck” has struck again…So where for hole 15?


hi ya , ajinbali777

With a real time spread of 9% at close I’d say the ( MM’s ) are definitely fishing for shares . It’s so ironic my original top up target price of 1.4p /share was bought early at 1.45p /share but today with luck I mangaed to pick some up at 1.345p /share … now that was a Christmas present to say the least . Some good video links appeared today but this one made topping up all the more worth while

I strongly believe a Joint Venture will be undertaken at Cascabel in the form of a open pit . With good road access and nearby ported city it wouldn’t take to much to develop a processing plant come road link to a nearby refinery .


Just having a look at a comments from Tom Winnifrith 6 Dec 2015 he claimed this was about to go bust packet of crisps job .
Am i right in seeing its gone up 23 times since… ie 1K would now be worth 23K ??


Look at the chart tab and that will answer your question !


in a word Ripley94 “yes”

while the chart shows the rise - you need to know if there was either dilution or consolidation during the rise.

The answer is “no consolidation” and only minimal dilution by the issue of a “relatively minimal amount” of directors shares and incentives. New crest also gained some shares in exchange for investment.

so “yes” a cracking rise and it hit 46p and not as an intra day spike. it sat between 40 and 44 long enough for anyone (including my wife) to pile in or for anyone wanting out to jump.

It has been a great ride with IMHO plenty of legs left.



Thankyou skint architect.
( i hope you are not )
Do you think the inheritance tax advantages of being on AIM were worth having.
What are the advantages of a company such as SOLG having a main market listing.


Indeed this looks like it was @ 1.38p When Winnifrith slagged it 6 DEC 2015.
I thought there might of been a consolidation but know i don’t think so.
He might call a few correct but they cant make up for the likes of SOLG that he gets so wrong.


09/11/2017 and tread.
Bought these today @ 23.9p… Another one as least its not an AIM share.


Topped up @ 22.9p
I usually wait longer .
But had a phone call from an old friend yesterday discussing my loss in clln
There is a story that Eddie Jordon is quoted as saying the only mistakes he made was when he took advise … i can echo that.


Just checking this one @ 22.8p about same price six months after my buys.


Topped up @ 20.5p only part lifted on Todays dropped lower limit .
3 small buys end of day .
These all showing as sells.
( out at Langdon )


Looks like i got bottom last partial buy.
It has bounced off that and back to recent high level 11th April 2018 of 27p so i have sliced @ this price.


Sold today @ 33p … two week since i sliced , and three weeks since the partial top while away . ( 20.5 to 33p 61 % higher )


Zac Mir called this to keep rising to 55p on his chart blog the day i sold , Friday 21st
He did say it was optimistic we will see.
Monday 24th its up 11% sells recorded @ 38.2p


6th October 2018.
A lot of excitement on assie site DGR Global last few days about there 12 % holding in SolGold .
Its actually been moving sideways just slightly down since end of September , now 37p .
Looks like they are behind the curve as we had the sharp rise middle of last month .


Wow not often going to see a better RNS than that .
BHP billiten buys 45m of them in placing for 45p a 30% premium


After years of holding this share, and showing good profit, I am at a loss how to fully utilise this newfangled system that ii have adopted for discussions. It seems that perhaps I am not alone looking at the dearth of exchanges here. Many of the old contributors missing!!


It has dropped back to 35.3p