OPM presentation at Mello Derby 2018



1pm (OPM) presentation at Mello Derby 2018

By Ian Smith, CEO

Group overview ? 00:35
Who 1pm are - 02:22
What 1pm provide ? 04:17
Three operating divisions ? 04:50
What 1pm do ? 05:53
1pm?s history - 11:21
Group companies ? 11:42
Management structure ? 12:03
Major shareholders - 12:52
Competitors - 13:49
Track record 2014 to 2018 H1 - 15:18
Financial highlights - 16:26
Divisions ? 17:06
Strategic plan 2014-18 - 19:34
Next phase of strategic growth - 20:53
Summary ? 22:10
Q&A - 22:58


The presentation was very interesting, the CEO delivers these very well.

Good to hear that as of this weekend the new platform to integrate the company will be trialled, making the 2014 business plan steps complete.

As of the future it looks like the business is going to pause for breath and expand organically and increase profits by cutting costs, unless a game changing opportunity arises, can’t remember his exact words. I would like to see a more definitative plan, maybe financial targets for the coming years to show how the company will grow.

Also the board is looking at how to turn around the market sentiment toward 1PM, and talks around the board room are ongoing, be interesting to see the outcome of this, maybe announced at the AGM