OT - Comp winner: Eadwig



Hi Eadwig,

Well played! An excellent call with 158.94 as almost spot on. UT 158.74. Your win also takes you top of the leaderboard. :ok_hand: So yet another former Champ back to winning ways, leaving no-hopers like JD as also-rans. - Credit also to the consistent Mcn2000 & Lady Jennifer for close podiums. Both also well placed, with Mcn 2nd overall.

JD hopeless in Comp & equally hopeless otherwise. VOD increasingly a financially bruising affair.

Dylan has written so many great songs. Arguably this is one of his more underrated. Live version with lyrics. Enjoy!

May all have a VG w/end!


Yes! I’m back! Back in the (New York) Groove!

Thanks for posting JD. Have a good weekend all.


Bad luck Mcn on just being pipped by Eadwig! I was rooting for you all the way.

I know its hard for you when such as he sidle up to your almost always correct calls in a most underhand manner.

Nevertheless, by the end of the season be assured that it will be you and I who are eyeballing each other. The cream always rises to the top…