OT: Comp winner - Frog in a Tree



Hi Fiat,

Congratulations on another fine win! That’s already 2 from 5 in S17. :clap: Frankly, it seemed to be your’s all the way this week. Your 169.68 call easily closest to UT: 170.74. Early days still, but you also consolidate your overall lead.

Credit also to Regardless & Lady_Jennifer for podiums, both keeping in close touch.

The now legendary, Traveling Wilburys with “Not Alone Anymore”. The great Dylan still going of course, but sadly George Harrison, Roy Orbison (that voice!) & Tom Petty all gone. Each a huge loss to music. This one almost as good as music gets.

May all have a VG w/end!


Not Eric again …

Well Done Son :slight_smile:


Hi Jack, thanks for the kind words.

In week 5 I stuck with my week 4 prediction as I could see no major prompt for a move up or down this week. I was fortunate that I ended up with a fair amount of playing field between me and Lady Jennifer on the one hand and Regardless on the other. Both gave me a run for my money midweek but fortunately sp volatility was narrow during the week. Its all guess work at the end of the day with a little bit of intuition.

Good luck to all in Week 6.

Frog in a tree