OT: Comp winner - Frog in a Tree



Hi Fiat,

Well played again! An excellent 3rd season win with your 181.73 call being not far away from UT 181.50. :clap: That consolidates your 2nd place to a mere 6 points behind Ole Devil, though leaderboard hasn’t updated at time of posting this. - Credit also to Lol88 & Mcn2000 for podiums.

As for the rest of us? Though still all to play for, must do better as we’ve also an increasing gap between top 2 & the rest.

First time of linking, Sparks. Often overlooked as just another 1970s pop band, they were always far more profound & artistic than some gave them credit for. This a recent song (2017) from their Hippopotamus LP. Great track in keeping with their latest work.

May all have a VG w/end & a prosperous New year!


Bonjour Jack,

You have made a frog happy this morning as I sit here in France. I have always been a fan of the Sparrow from being very young and also a fan of Sparks back in their heyday, having memorably seen them live on several occasions. I hadn’t kept up to date with their latterday career and was impressed by their 2017 song that you posted. The vid was also very cool! Also “cool”, I might mention that the current MOJO’s winter themed cover CD is wonderful. Get it if you can.

Also this morning it was a great pleasure to see that my nomination for one of this year’s OBE winners paid off. A highlight of the year for me.

Back to the comp, @Ole_Devil is a worthy top of the charter, having played one week fewer than most of us. Well done Olé! As for me my tactics are working well despite the large degree of luck required.

Best luck to all for the remaining weeks.


Frog in a tree


Hi Fiat,

Thanks & you’re welcome. Excellent consistency from both you & OD, as carried over from last season. By the by, Comp tracker hasn’t fully updated yet due to a technical glitch. I’ve informed its creator, Vtec, accordingly, so it should be sorted soon.

Good that you’re enjoying your stay in France. I gather that you visit there quite a lot, as your love for its culture & people readily comes through. IMO, France has much to be said for it on many levels.

Indeed so re Sparks. They went off my musical radar for years as, until recently, I never kept in touch with their post-1970s’ development. Punk Rock & New Wave took me onto other roads. But from what I’ve heard since, they’re rightly regarded as highly-accomplished artists with a wide range of musical styles. I bought their 2017 Hippopotamus album only recently & was more than impressed. I intend to catch up with more of their post-1970s work very soon.

I’m not familiar with who you nominated for an OBE, but I do find the entire honours system to be dubious, to say the least. I’ll never really understand why successful sportspeople & musicians deserve honours beyond the reward of their talent. I mean, if I excelled in any sport or musical instrument, I’m sure that in itself would be all the reward I’d ever want.

I was also more than slightly disgusted to find that far-right Tory IDS, architect of Universal Credit, was knighted for what has been mostly a trail of abject failure, leaving many vulnerable lives ruined & some people driven to suicide. It almost beggars belief that one who’s been so destructive to others should be so well rewarded!

I’ll also concede to being slightly miffed, as hypocritical as it seems, to not yet being honoured myself. This happens every year. I was thinking about my services rendered to the dark art of spread-betting & my ample contributions to City Index’s profits & tax returns. :wink: But even as I continue to be overlooked, I know I can stand proudly in front of the mirror & say: “At least I’ve done my bit!”. - Excuse the last paragraph as a poor effort at self-mocking humour.

All the best, including in the Comp ahead! - Edit: superfluous words deleted.


Hi Jack,

Re my nomination of the OBE, I do share some concerns re the “empire” bit but in this case its like the empire bites back. The person is someone who contributes more to the community than she takes out. I think you would approve. All countries have an honours system of some sort to say thank you to those who have given good service. I am not sure about dickheads such as IDS though.




With hindsight I think that it was somewhat irreverent of us to hold the COMP during the holiday week which is intended to be a celebration of the birth of our Lord.

The market closures also distorted the outcome.

Therefore I humbly suggest that we scrub last week’s results.






Very kind of you, Fiat! And very pleased for you, and her, that your nominee made it through the sifting process for her appointment. I hope she has as great a time collecting it from the Palace as I had back in the summer collecting mine.

Chatting to other recipients, I felt truly humbled at how much of a contribution so many people had made to society without ever expecting any kind of acknowledgement or recognition. But then how rewarded everyone felt that someone, somewhere had gone to the trouble to nominate them. I’d better quit while I’m ahead, before you have a chance to consider whether you’d put me in the “dickhead” category! :grin:

btw, totally agree with you on both Piaf and Sparks!


Hi Olé,

Well done on your honour. IDS only got his “dickhead” accolade because of the misery that he wrought on those claiming Universal Credit. Hopefully yours was for a more positive contribution?


Frog in a tree