OT - Comp winner: Gold or Silver



Hi Gos,

Well played! A welcome 3rd win of the season for you. Your 147, being highest bull call, never in doubt with UT at 156.62. :v: Excellent week for BARC holders!

Credit also to Regardless for 2nd. - JD lucky again with 3rd.

Ole Devil still leads. 2nd placed Fiat narrows the gap to 22 pts. Still 4 weeks & 100 pts to play for.

Gram Parsons, close buddy of Keith Richards, died aged only 26. A huge waste of talent. After his brief spell with The Byrds, he also cut a couple of fine solo albums. They remain a testament to his song-writing talents & musicianship. Despite his early death, he added another dimension to country rock.

May all have a VG w/end!


Jack & Regardless ,
Looks like the bottom is behind barclays shareholders , at long last .
Staggered line upwards perhaps .

Best of


You called it well this week GorS but I am worried that markets are still very volatile. BARC is more exposed to international trade than, say, LLOY and there are still clouds of recession and The Groper’s antics to contend with.


Frog in a tree


Well done gentlemen.
I had thought the top calls were a little over optimistic but it seems BARC had other thoughts.

In such circumstances, it is an honour to come 12th… :exploding_head:


I got stuffed by Trump again. But at least most of my enemies did too. I like to remain positive.