OT: Comp winner - Gold or Silver



Hi Gold,

Well played! A fine win in a very tricky week indeed sees your bullish 181 call strike gold. Not far off UT 182.48 & a well deserved 25 pts!. :clap: Credit also to Regardless & DonnyDaws for podiums. - Fiat & Ole Devil tie at the top, but Comp looking tighter than for a while.

No grumbles here as my overall trading has gone better than I expected & made my week.

A lesser known, but great song from Siouxsie & The Banshees, which at times sounds quite unlike them. Slow at the start, but brilliant as the momentum gathers. Enjoy:

May all have a VG w/end!


Thankyou Jack
& Boris on a good blue week .
Best of


Hi Jack, I thought you said OD and I were tying at the top spot. Has OD been awarded his points x 2?




Hi Fiat,

I clarified this before & no surprise that it continues to fox people. :slight_smile:

As soon as Sunday’s entries close & are entered by Gold (as he’s just done for week 10), it changes the leaderboard depending on Friday’s UT. As it stands, Ole Devil has 12 points more purely based on that UT. But it means nothing at all. Those points haven’t been booked as yet.

Subsequent price moves over the week will continue to see the leaderboard fluctuate, but it’s only binding after the UT at 4.35PM on Friday. Hope that clears things up. - Regards.

Edit: to “fox” not “befox”. Latter a word I made up.