OT Comp Winner: Jack Dawsson



To save Jack the embarrassment of having to declare himself the winner of Q2 Week 1, I will do the honours, a little bit ahead of time to pre-empt.

Well done Jack! This week no one could excel you in your pessimism and even you were not quite pessimistic enough to match the plunge in the BARC share price. To think I had been tempted to take a punt on BARC recently!

Following Jack, but quite a way behind due to excessive optimism, was Lady Jennifer who bagged 18 points for second prize so well done to her. Sir Buns had his nose right up her backside but she was safe enough due to a cordon sanitaire of 0.4%.

As for Olé and myself we still head the table by a good margin and we are in no danger of being overtaken anytime soon.

Jack hasn’t had too many wins of late so let us all give praise!


I must admit to feeling a little disconcerted at the thought of Bunsy’s “nose right up [my] backside” but perhaps if the market hadn’t got the last two weeks the wrong way round…
(It should have been second, first rather than first, second)
… things may have been a little different??

It’s a strange quirk of iii’s system, but it is better to upload videos rather than link to them…


Hi Fiat,

Thanks for the generous comment. Excellent link, too. A fine performance of the Hallelujah chorus from Handel’s Messiah.

Indeed, also well done to Lady Jennifer & SBK on close podiums. I was a penny away from UT 175.24, but still trailing well behind you & Ole Devil in the main event. So plenty more luck required ahead. :slight_smile:

I imagine these guys would’ve blown a few minds back in 1955. I’m a fan. Love the band, drumming included. Fair to say that while groups like The Rolling Stones would’ve still existed & done great things, their first few albums might have sounded quite different without the obvious influence of guys like Bo Diddley. Enjoy an early live performance.

May all have a VG w/end!