OT: Comp winner - jackdawsson



Well played to Lady Jennifer & Gold or Silver for very close podiums in another tricky, volatile week. Credit as due. :clap: Though Ole Devil still leads, it’s getting tighter at the top with all very much to play for.

A very lucky 2nd successive win for JD with a 173.81 call. UT 173.44. It’s been a very fortuitous week for me in both respects. Trading-wise also due to the extent of UKX volatility.

Early New Order (formerly Joy Division before Ian Curtis’s death), which gave new meaning to club-genre music.

May all have a VG w/end! - Edit Typo.


Well done Jack ,
Another excellent tune .



Congratulations to the newly consistent Jack! Go for it boy!

Frog in a tree


Hi Fiat & Gold,

Thanks to both. A very lucky 2 weeks here, with more good fortune needed. There’s still a significant gap between top 2 & the rest.

Though 11 weeks left still gives others enough time to catch up, I can see more tactics coming into it. More competitors delaying entries until closer to Sunday’s 9PM deadline (a lá Ole Devil :wink:), keeping a longer watch on likely effect of germane macro-factors, working out permutations, jockeying for max weekly points & so on. That too carries an element of risk as if one leaves entries too late or simply forgets, one may miss the deadline altogether. So we shall see how things unfold.

GL to both & all for the remaining weeks!