OT: Comp winner: Lady Jennifer



Hi Jennifer, (slight delay posting as I’ve been out most of today),

Very well played! Not only a return back to winning ways, but in cracking style. Your 181 call bang on the UT. A double round of applause well deserved. :clap: :clap: Win takes you well up the leaderboard. - Credit also to Soi & Ole Devil for close podiums.

Q1 winner is the consistent Fiat, who maintains a 1 point overall lead over Ole Devil. Excellent form from both. The gap between you two & 3rd is significant.


JD rubbish in the Comp again, but no complaints. Doing okay otherwise.

Another great, but lesser known song from the excellent Siouxsie & The Banshees, this from “Superstition”, their penultimate album from 11 in all. It’ll surprise no-one here that I own every one + live material.

May all have a VG w/end!


Spot on Lady Jennifer! Not often done!

As for my first quarter win, my newly devised tactics seem to be working well at moderating guesswork errors. Olé kept swapping the lead position in the quarterly score this week. From what I can see he is operating a very similar system myself. Given that he missed one week and has a higher points per play score than me, I am lucky to have come out on top. Well played him!

Back in the day I too was a big Siouxsie and the Banshees fan and saw them live a few times.




Hi Fiat,

Despite Ole Devil missing a week, had he entered that week, no points were 100% guaranteed, so still credit as due for winning Q1.

Re Siouxsie & The Banshees: one of the generation of bands I grew up with. That period was so good that for a while back then even TOTPs was worth watching every week.

I missed catching only a few bands live that I’ve regretted ever since. The very short-lived Mancunian band Joy Division & their tragic poet-singer Ian Curtis was one (though I caught New Order, who changed their name from JD after Curtis’s death), & SATB were another. Such music helped keep me sane during my rebellious, raging youth &, probably, ever since to a degree. - All the best!


The Guardian today did a feature on the best tracks by The Clash. Everyone a winner. Those days gave us a number of delights including the wonderful John Cooper-Clarke.

Also those years brought forward the Ramones and Talking Heads and also gave greater exposure to roots reggae.


Frog in a tree



Yes, I saw that Guardian piece on The Clash. So many timeless songs & a band I fortunately managed to catch live twice in their heyday. Pity there wasn’t more than 5 albums as their collective talents merited.

I have John Cooper-Clark’s classic “Snap, Crackle & Bop” album from which Evidently Chickentown is taken. Timeless song. One of a number. Now only on CD, but I bought the original on vinyl back in the early 80s.

Talking Heads are another huge favourite of mine & it’s a pity David Byrne decided to go his own way when he did. I have all their studio & live albums & there isn’t one I can’t listen to even now. Also timeless. IMO, their songs could’ve been released yesterday. They still sound fresh & their music hasn’t aged one iota in my view. Not many bands I could say that about. - Regards.


We are pretty much in agreement Jack. Discerning musos that we were and are!

I should also add the the Sex Pistols’ gig the week of their Bill Grundy interview was also one of the very best and electric live performances I ever saw.




Oh my!
It looks as though I finally won.

Many thanks for your kind words gentlemen, though, from a rankings perspective, I would have preferred to have come in second with the UT just a little above Regardless’s entry…


I too am in agreement with you both. It was indeed a good era.
Siouxsie and Talking Heads were both high up my list of favourites as well.

I had the dubious pleasure of living, for a while, just along the road from the “Sir George Robey” in Finsbury Park during the mid '80s where there were some interesting events and bands including Christy Moore, The Men They Couldn’t Hang, Alien Sex Fiend, & T’Pau.


The real news is that I’ve powered past JD in the season list. Unfortunately LJ’s lucky win now put me in the appalling position of looking at her rear.

Still there’s other good news in that Eadwig has thrown in the towel after being left stranded on the starting line this racing season.




Talking of Talking Heads lets hope that LJ is…