OT - Comp winner: Lol88



Hi Lol88,

Well played & a welcome return to the Comp! Your 157 a fraction away from UT 157.22. :ok_hand:- Credit also to Regardless & Clodpool for close podiums. Well done all! With the leaders all slipping up & only half the season gone, still all to play for. :wink:

Huge few weeks ahead, so itโ€™d conceited of me to even try to predict much over shorter-term. Whatever happens, Iโ€™ll continue to ride things out until more targets seen.

No apology for linking another Townes Van Zandt song. This one live. The song itself barely 2 & 1/2 minutes long, but it sufficiently shows his fragile genius. Certainly worthy of status of poet. The Dylanesque evident in his lyrics. Nice guitar work too. - Enjoy:

May all have a VG w/end! - Edit: typo.


SO, poetic justice for Laggardly Jennifer as her late entry jalopy stuttered to a halt in last place with no points!

The calculated lateness of her choice was clearly due to her cunningly getting a glimpse of the Asian markets and stealing an unfair advantage over the rest of us. Happily, this legerdemain came to nought despite her being backed by sexist acolytes!

Such a relief, because now I will not have to create another spreadsheet deducting any points she may have purloined this week to show the true and just positions.




Congrats lol