OT: Comp winner - Mcn2000



Hi Mcn,

Well played! Your 182.75 shout not far off UT, 183.30. :clap: An excellent 2nd season win takes you into 3rd place overall. Perhaps ominous for the rest of us. - Credit also to the consistent Fiat & Eadwig for close podiums. Fiat leads overall by 4 points.

JD zero points, but no complaints as a fairly decent start to another trading year.

A timeless oldie this week from the late Roy Orbison, whose voice was so outstanding it could easily carry almost any song. Enjoy.

May all have a VG w/end & take care!


Super! Nice to start the new year with a maximum!

Have a good weekend all!



It was a tough week with Olé snapping at my heels. I shall have think deeply about tactics for this week.

Jack, as this coming week will be week 13, does this mean that it is the last week of this quarter’s competition?




Hi Fiat,

Indeed so. Next Friday’s UT ends Q1, marking the halfway point of this season. Also, the Q1 is definitely between you & Ole Devil only, as it’s mathematically impossible for anyone else to stake a claim due to a significant “breakaway gap” the two of you have established. Well done to both for excellent consistency. FWIW, such a gap is also a common enough term in TA, but most apt here.

Though Mcn2000 is 3rd, as you’ll see from the leaderboard he’s 26 points behind you.

Though anything can happen over the 2nd half & there’s still all to play for, the rest of us will have to do much better fairly soon not to get left too far behind. - Regards & GL!