OT: Comp winner - Ole Devil



Hi Ole Devil,

Well played! A welcome return to your excellent consistency of S16. Your 167 call not far off UT 166.44. :clap: With the merest whisker costing you the title in S16, my guess is you won’t be too far away in S17. - Credit also to Soi & Zanshin for close podiums. Well done all!

JD nips into overall lead, but of course it can’t & won’t last. Still a nice, short-lived distraction for a half-decent, but very challenging trading week overall.

First time of linking, one of a number of VG bands from New York, the classy Interpol. Recent live version of “Slow Hands” performed in Brazil.

As usual, may all have a VG w/end!


Well done to you too Jack!

Cheers, frog


Thanks Jack. I’ll savour the moment while it lasts! Congratulations on taking the lead. I echo your credit to Soi and Zanshin. And a creditable finish for SBK as well. All to play for this season. Have a great weekend, all, and good luck for next week.