OT - Comp winner: Regardless



Hi Regardless,

Well played! Excellent call with 165.25 in a tricky Brexit week. :ok_hand: UT 165.94. - Credit also to Gold or Silver & Mcn2000 for podiums.

Mcn extends his lead by 39 with 4 weeks left. SBK still in contention. Ditto Jennifer. Hope she’s okay after dropping out last week?

JD seen an okay week, with more progress with all open trades (esp. VOD) & gains booked elsewhere. Can’t grumble.

One of my top 5 bands of all time & I could still weep about what more The Doors would’ve achieved musically if not for Jim Morrison’s untimely death at 27. This a track from their last album, recorded in barely 10 days. It includes some of Krieger’s guitar & Manzarek’s keyboard work that was recorded during first take, but omitted in original release. Musical magic!

May all have a VG w/end!


Cheers Jack

When I start winning

It means Barclays is turning bullish IMHO


If we look at the list below of this season’s best players, those who are rooting for me to win can see that I am up against it now with only 4 races to go.

Mcn2000 296
SBK 257
LJ 239
Miki 201
soi 193
Ole Devil 172

Otherwise this season’s COMP has been the best one since I was cruelly robbed into second place by soi in the last 5 minutes of the last race by 2 points I think it was?

But never say die.