OT: Comp winner - Soi



Hi Soi,

Well played! Excellent call during a very volatile week. :clap: Your 169.25 not far off the UT: 169.40. Top form! Your win sees you shoot up to 4th overall. - Credit also to DonnyDaws & SBK for close podiums.

JD pushed down to 5th over the final day, but no complaints. Luckily, I’ve had a decent trading week.

Great song for clearing away any mental cobwebs. The brilliant Interpol with “Roland” live. Enjoy.

May all have a VG w/end!



Thanks Jack.
Maybe I was a bit lucky, had thought it would be you, SBK then myself in top 3 spots.
Your FTSE trading has been stunning, yet again.

Well Done to donnydaws and SBK for podiums.

Anyway something different re music and although not wishing to out myself the cool looking dude in the video is me and all the ladies former girlfriends.
The chances of any of that being true similar to the chances of LLOY seeing 80p soon.

Good Night and a good week end to all.



Hi Soi, (though you’ll probably not catch this until later),

Thanks & you’re welcome. Credit as due in a tricky week. Next week threatens to be even trickier still for both Comp & trading.

Nice video. If that’s not you, I’d wager it’s a younger SBK. I was too punked out in my youth to wear suits.

Trading UKX suits me. The more volatile that index is, the better for traders like us. But unlike you, who also trades the DOW & much else very successfully, if I traded the DOW with anything like as much zeal as I do UKX, it’d have finished me by now. As we know, DOW can move over a 1,000 points in a few days. UKX is an altogether more manageable beast by comparison. Hence why I stick to UKX.

Too right about LLOY & 80p. Even if we see a rise on a Tory win next week, we’ve potential trouble ahead for all UK-centric stocks. Getting Brexit fully done, including new trade deals, by end of 2020 seems more like sheer fantasy spun for the gullible. No knowledgeable commentators think it’s likely. As is widely anticipated, any hard Brexit will cause more uncertainty & delay greater recovery for stocks like LLOY.

Regards & enjoy your night & the w/end!

PS: I may be away much of Monday so I’ll post limit orders on some UKX positions early Monday morning.


That’s what I thought too.




Only a couple of years ago actually.