Pareto Presentation



VS8 please note.


Thanks @MikeyAdmin, looks like SH - L is now relocated to be close to SH - I so that they both can be drilled from the same pad. Thus saving time and cost of having to build two separate pads and moving the rig to it. It could take more than 200 truck journeys to move a heavy equipment such as a drilling rig from one place to another I read somewhere.

This page of the presentation I liked as it gives me an idea of what payments to expect for SEPT, OCT, NOV and DEC production and approx. P&L for 2019 before the final results get released in about 9 weeks :slight_smile:

This bit I disliked:

We could wait until 2031 for 110 kbpd!! And the plan is still no sanctioned yet. Ah well, at least I know now what to do!

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Hi VS8.
The Rig has to move down from SH-9 then along the road which runs along the bottom of Shaikan, the back up past SH-12 and past the joint drill pad that accommodates SH-10 and SH-11, then onwards the few hundred yards to the already prepared SH-i drill pad which we now know as confirmed to hold SH-L as well.

Say four to six weeks to move then its spud time, so around early to mid Feb