Patience required (repeat 1000 times)



Held these since about 2015 on promises of more money for social housing and a very, very low P/E and good PEG ratio etc etc etc

Sold out this summer, taking a very small profit and had divis over the years. Partly in frustration, but also needed to reduce my exposure to the UK housing market …

I just needed to hold that little bit longer …



I share your pain. Each time I top slice a holding it seems to go up within a week or two. :disappointed:

But I have held these even longer so am sitting on a nice profit having bought originally under 20p. But I see more upside after the very positive statement this week. I have top sliced on the way but am in for the long term as I see a good strong management team delivering good growth.



Well done indeed. My problem was always that i came late to the party and bought too high and catalysts promised by various governments to support smaller builders didn’t come to anything (plus the major contractor problem which essentially held progress up a year or so)

So i spent most of my time trading my position to get the average price down and eventually exited just before I would have got a reasonable pay off as the price rose higher than I expected.

A lot of hard work to exit with a small profit eventually, when I should have made a decent return (double figure percent per year of holding).

Not the fantastic profits you’re sitting on, but I did make those in the majors during this last growth cycle, so can’t complain overall. When I took those profits I though INL could push on a lot further (and maybe will yet) but as the thread says, the thesis was right but I wasn’t patient enough. We live and learn!