Placing by major shareholders



190p today.
You were correct Zanshin not to buy when i did 3 days ago about 5 % cheaper now taking the larger spread then RTHM into acc.
Your gaps give you an advantage it appears.


Hi Ripley,

SPs still falling I’m afraid, but I note today that there is a wider spread on RTHM than TAP. Not sure why, but suggests to me there are more buy orders to fill than shares available. That’s probably just me being optimistic that we have reached the floor here and things will get better, though noticing support is at 155 (SP presently 160). Have set a limit buy marginally above support.


Thank you zanshin
I was actually looking @ RTHM when i saw your post i must be getting a little better lol .
Have not compared it to TAP .


Well Zanshin the shares in both big fallers today after TAP rns results .

TAP was 184p when you posted on Thursday 21st down to 160p this Monday 25th morning .
Down to the RTHM resistance level.
RTHM was 162p then new recent lows this morning in sympathy to 155p
I should of been more patience yet again.


TAP gap at 168 now closed in early trading. Interestingly, my early suggestion that if that were reached, then RTHM price would be around 144 for equal value has not been seem RTHM trading is very light so far. Spread on both stocks seems wider than usual.
TAP SP has recovered from the initial dive, so might end up not so bad.


Merger gone through today.
zanshin sold as did not want to hold TAP… price down a touch today might be a few like him ?


Big spike down just after opening with larger than usual volume.
Glad I sold RTHM rather than convert to TAP else I woud be even worse off.

Some recovery from opening price so it might get better, but I’m not tempted.


Now around 163p
Been falling back towards 13th March lows of 153p after bouncing up off that to 207p


153 support breached. Next stop 137 or a 150-200 trading range established? Either way, I’m keeping out.


In hindsight you where correct to sell zanshin .
Surprised your not tempted .


No, still not tempted. Seems to be diving for the floor.
Might be tempted if it hits the trend line at around 80 though.


New recent low 133p


Oh dear. Another 20% hit today and presently hovering just above 100. The cause this time is a US legal complaint against it by Uber. Seems Uber make a habit of filing against adtech companies it does business with.

Taptica might win the case eventually, but the ongoing uncertainty and the “no smoke without fire” taint will linger.
I previously wrote that I might get interested if the SP fell to the trend line, then at 80. Well, time has moved on and the trend line now sits nearer 60 than 80 and I’m inclined to steer well clear.


Oh dear, oh dear. 42% down on the day on significant volume.
Looks like there was a big sell off when the american markets opened.

The floor approaches, or …it could bounce all the way back tomorrow.
Anyone got a crystal ball?
Anyone out there care?



Well done again with your calls on this zanshin .
I put in what i thought was an ambitious buy limit @ 100p lifted 3.45pm.
It sailed passed to 72.5p before bounce back to 80p to close maybe your predicted 60p tomorrow .


A good bounce so far…+16%.
It will be interesting to see if there is a second surge when the american markets open


Yes a buy @ 83p ( not the low ) would of been a good buy this morning ( you were not tempted ? ) over 90p now .


Indeed, with such a fall a bounce today was a strong possibility.

No, not tempted to buy. Even with todays respite, the trend remains down, and the bottom of that trend is currently at 50, not 60 as I previously wrote.

There has been a huge price bubble enacted since mid 2016 that has burst, and this could settle into a 60-80 trading range again.


Looked like i was throwing good after bad three days ago when i jumped in @ 100 to see it fall to 73 .
But today on rise again up 34 % to 114p .
I sliced that buy of 3 days back on a 114 limit could of got 117 a little later , just sticking to original plan .
The madness of AIM investing / gambling ??



TRMR… Tremor "page does not exist "

Sliced another traunch today @ 195p.
Got that traunch all back @ 185p … had spare funds .
Fell to 182p at Geofs