Planning Permission



Well the determination deadline came and went. It does not suprise me really as there are many holes in the Planning application associated with sewer discharge and some heated replies from the EA. Let see what happens in the next few days/weeks.


It has been very quiet here…Thank you SM for getting back in action.
Let’s assume a positive announcement, what is next? Will Shell and BA come up with the moneys needed to get the detailed process design phase started? Velocys does not have the means to fund this effort.


Hi Jammy. Thanks.
they will get PP. That I have no doubt. This is a project with international media presence and puts Immingham on the map. I don’t think an answer that isn’t a ‘yes’ would ever materialise, but it’ll take a little more effort to ensure the Councils are watertight with the idea.
As I suspect you know, detailed design is expensive - running into several million pounds. Its a big risk for BA and Shell, but in the grand scheme of their respective balance sheets, pocket change. The fact is that this is a first of type for VLS and I just don’t think they have the credibility to convince a blue chip to stump up 100m GBP to fund the build, regardless of who ‘sponsors’ the project. VLS are not skilled developers, nor seasoned fund raisers - they make reactors. They’ll need to prove themselves somehow first, but how to do this, I do not know.