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Yes absolutely; there are good reasons why FB is an undeveloped resource. The seismic info is hidden in lots of noise, fractured granite is hard to drill and lots of fractures need to be successfully targeted by the `horizontal’ leg. It must be a bit like threading beads onto a wire whilst wearing boxing gloves with just a head torch in the



Good to see the share price starting on the road to recovery today. Should finish blue today.


I see the POO is plummeting.


:cold_sweat: Just not the most relaxing share is it?


Can’t believe today’s price. I bought at 57p. When I was reading here I just thought that Armageddon was entertainment value. He must be having some laugh now. I am a bit worried.

Given he was right from 64p, do you think his 10p Target could happen?

Love to hear some views . Because i need to offload these if anyone sane thinks it could. Can’t afford a hit like that.


Nobody makes investments with the objective of losing money and so every investor gets worried when the SP goes down just in case it continues to plummet. There are two exceptions: traders who hope to buy at the bottom and sell once the the price has recovered and long term investors who accept that the SP will vary and who might buy more when the price is low if funds permit.

As for NO AGED RAM, he knows that the herd can be panicked by making a negative post which then gives him the opportunity to profit from all the newly available



I like what you did there OFF AS OF LASS :slight_smile:


I prefer SOLO FAFFS a bit like our new PM



You have to remember he was right, but for the wrong reason. He was still a dipstick in the way he tried to belittle people - I’m always happy to listen to the bear view when I a bull, and the bull view when I’m a bear but I’m not happy to listen to a twonk.

Now, if you think Lancaster EPS will work then don’t sell. WD was the riskiest well they’ve drilled, even if the entire LinWick area fails Lancaster is still worth a hell of a lot of money. If you don’t believe then sell at a loss and move onto the next share and forget it ever happened - afraid it’s what you have to do if you deal in shares. Most of us get more wrong than right but we run the winners and cut the losers.



Hi Transcend

You’ve had some sensible replies from Flossoffa and Johnnie.

Armageddon is trading …

Update: Have just been made aware by ‘Twonk’ above that he was posing as ‘Transcend’. So to save space am now deleting the reply I thought I was making to a genuine poster. What a timewaster.




I see, it’s like that is it,



It seems to me that





Can I ask, why you post a relatively up beat £1.30 would be nice, on another HUR discussion.
Then 2 hours later follow with a highly worried negative post on this one?

Armageddon was only right because of what came too be, he knew nothing more than us. Unless he was Dr Trice moonlighting?



‘Dear Man God’ under the guise of poster ‘Sentiment Rules’ - has resurfaced today on The Lemon Fool. He’s saying all the same things he said on here recently and in any case, if we recall, the SP held its own. I’m not entirely sure he’s got the measure of this share because in his own admission ‘he knows nothing about the company’ but is relying on technicals. I think in this instance that’s not a wise move on his part. Time will tell.


Right, that’s enough from me. None of us actually know what’s going to happen next. Simply, sincere good wishes to all LTHs on here and see you the other side of CMD.

The great last call reiterates hur 10p
Twonk Albi1 says

Don’t bother Westburra, that wasn’t a sincere post from Transcend - just ‘the Twonk’ or Armageddon as he was formerly known, back in another of his guises. Annoyed I fell for it. Hope he gets severely burnt.


Amundsen Spirit en route for the Catcher field.
Must be our turn again soon.


Transcend is Last-Call AKA Armageddon. I think he may also be around as ThePlumber.



Just read Sipp’s post on LSE, he calculates next lift around 12 August - allowing 55 days from 18 June to produce approx 9,000 barrels per day = 495,000 barrels.

“The Amundsen Spirit’s cargo tanks can hold 127,700 cubic meters of cargo including slop tanks. That’s over 750,000 barrels of oil potentially. Parcel size up to 500,000.”