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I’ve made plenty in my time, victimising poor rabbit shareholder funds . Call it karma.

What hindsight? Said at 57- 64p, it’s a short. Saying now at 43p its a short to 29p zone

Surely you have targets for your investment. An expectation of percentage increase? A point of returns required for your capital risk? So why would my targets be any less relevant?

Granted, my targets are just that. Targets . Same as yours. Up to each individual how they analyse the path to it


You indeed say it was a short, but had no more idea that it would actually come to pass any more than I did.
It just happens you now have the benefit of hindsight and can make it look like you were correct.
It just so happened that the drill results were not favourable and the price contracted accordingly. If the results were different the increase may have been 100% or more?

If your systems work for you, then I am pleased as I never knock anyone who is doing ok.

It just so happens we have a different strategy to make money.

All the best


Thats where your wrong ny friend. I had a 95% certainty it was coming… … real-time. My form of analysis is just that. Real time and to spot the weaknesses others dont.

When major money was leaving this stock on the rise from 57 -64p wasn’t it obvious to you what was happening? They let it go to dump it on you at the highest price possible. You just had to spot the fact that they were doing this,real time.

Are you so naive to believe that some major players didn’t know the most likely outcome weeks before official bad drill reported?

That’s tbe difference between you and me. I’m watching for what the money knows. Your waiting for results they already positioned for.


Are you so naive to believe that some major players didn’t know the most likely outcome weeks before official bad drill reported?

Certainly not, and there were rumours pre-AGM. Problems were reported.

However, you are clearly making money by skimming a margin. Where as most people here are not giving a toss about the day to day.

I really wish you all the best. If I had the time and resources id be doing exactly the same as yourself.



I called 10p. That’s some skim.

Equivalent to you chasing 110p from 60p.

I guess your skimming too.

I hope you do well. I have no attachment to any share bar price movement. Couldn’t care less about the company. I dont even see the name lol. If i see bulls come in? Il take 20%. And then hope you make 50%


Anyone attending the lecture tonight? If you are feedback would be much appreciated.


"Now you could say… what if x or y occurs?

What im trying to say to you is, the smart money doesn’t expect x or y to occur. Dunno their reasons. Just what i see"

If you were up on the fundamentals you’d know that the ‘smart money’ is waiting for proven data on the Lancaster EPS - 6-12 months from 1 June (approx) to 30 May 2020 (approx) and in addition data gathered from 3 drills on the GWA (Greater Warwick Area) Drills - the 2nd of which at Lincoln Crestal which is about to commence.

The purpose of Capital Markets Day on the 11th is to engage with the ‘smart money’ with a view to long term investment. It is hoped that at this point they will have some findings from data gathered to date to give more insight into the realizable potential of Hurricane’s assets.

Until then the ‘speculative’ PI money along with Kerogen and Crystal Amber remain invested in a compelling opportunity for the first fractured basement play in UK territory. Reference Bach Ho in Vietnam as an example of fractured basement.

If this is successful it is historic and opens up resources to the UK in a whole new way.

That is why most of us here are on tenterhooks - not just about the money.


I am very much up on the fundamentals. But im not smarter than the power of the market money. So I watch what they think of fundamentals via their cash.

Smart money waiting?? There was me thinking the smart money dumped it. Dont want to wait. Maybe they pressed the sell button instead of buy/hold.

You do know the volumes of the sell off, was not retail?

I’ve no qualms with your thinking. In fact I’d buy too if the money was supporting your thoughts. No problem at all.


Clearly they’re getting on with business in the meantime. For many AIM prevents investment, for others no solid investment case until data received 6-12 months from here. Interesting that you keep deliberately disregarding these points. What exactly is it you say you know?


I have no doubt you know lots about HUR. I just knew lots about funds and institutions knowledge of HUR at 57-64p. Via their cash. They were negative. So i was too. Simple.

When you think your smarter than the market… You lose.

I know exactly what i knew at 57-64p. The money isn’t backing HURS future outlooks. The city has its own mind. Develops its own outlooks. And for now, they dont fancy HUR to come up with the goods.

Why have they that view? Is it some info they have ? I don’t know. I never want to know. It’s of no interest to me. All I’m interested in is where the money is at.

Think of it this way…

Everyone backs a view of a company with money right? No matter what way you look at markets and who you are… we all end up with one decision… . Put money in or don’t. That’s the one commonality in markets. And there are not many.


You guys bought it. But your view isnt important to me. Because your money won’t dictate the future SP. That’s not an insult. I f i had a view, I’d deem mine as equally unimportant too.

All im interested in is the money that dictates. And it isnt here. So i stay negative… as simple as 57-64p.

If i was to invest in my own fundamental opinions it would be a disaster. I know it would be. So I disregard your opinion of fundamentals. But equally so my own.

Fundamentals are important. But what’s more important is the minds of those that can move the market . No point in us ever fighting them. Get steamrolled.

Now here is the key part. Even when short I’ve no bias. If I see the money sniffing around here just before some rumblings? Close short and buy. The money is in. Simple as that.


Last Call, Armageddon,

Yes, I understand. You ‘follow’ the money. That’s your training and that’s what you apply.

I can only reiterate, the investment case for institutional investors will be answered fairly and squarely with factual data within 6 to 12 months.

That’s it. Simple. Until they have sight of that, until they have factual hard evidence of an investment case, as far as they are concerned it is speculative. Some investors can work with that. Most, particularly institutional can’t. Many invested here are actually folk who work in the industry. There is some genuine fascination and excitement about Hurricane pulling this off. It’s unique, a first time historical event and as such, actually, Dr Trice and his colleagues deserve some respect for their sheer courage and bloody mindedness to have brought things to this point.

Until, however, we have hard data, this, for all that, is speculative.

I would hope everyone who is invested at this point understands that. What I don’t appreciate is your behaviour on this thread, which degrades and dishonours what’s happening here and the many folk who have bonded over the years and become friends.

As you only ‘follow the money’ you will be quite oblivious to the fact that many folk here enjoy passing the time of day having fully done their own research but simply wishing to exchange pleasantries with others interested in this field of endeavour.

Your behaviour has been crass, unwarranted and frankly offensive at times in its sheer discourtesy.

At the same time I can appreciate and understand your viewpoint, but please understand there is really no need to plague this board in the way that you have. Most here are perfectly open to civil debate and enjoy hearing different points of view.

I sincerely hope this point is understood.


But your assuming that a lot of these facts are not already known… that’s why its important to track money…they will always know before you…

Nobody had a bad word today. Your the first to mention it…

We just have different approaches. Agreed . Your waiting for results. I’m looking for who knows them before it’s common knowledge. Not much more to it.

Crass and ignorant etc… actually a lot of it is frustration. Watching the market chew you up amd spit you out at certain levels. I felt sorry for buyers here at 60+. Purely frustrating to watch people walk straight into the jaws of the beast . That’s all it was.

Point taken anyway.


Last call,

I take your last point first, yes let’s move forward, by all means.

“But your assuming that a lot of these facts are not already known… that’s why its important to track money…they will always know before you…”

Here I have to reiterate, BP are in the data room here, 6-12 months of data needs to be analyzed and understood on the Lancaster EPS. No one knows the state of play until that data has been fully analyzed. If you are saying that somehow in the last 5 weeks data points to the EPS not being successful … then that is something quite different.

If you’re looking for who knows before its common knowledge I suggest you invest in a few trips to Aberdeen and hang out in the local pubs there - full of oil industry employees, who seem happy to share. I’d suggest waiting till at least September, by that time at least 3 months of data will have been gathered.

Capital Markets Day is the one we’re all watching right now to glean some info from, maybe you have friends or ex colleagues attending? Certainly worth reading the presentation from that on the Hurricane website when its posted. Also worth noting the response from those in the industry, some who post here and on other sites.




No need. Answer is in the money.


God you really are into all detail here in a deep way.

I dont know much about all that stuff. Don’t have time really.

Globally and including etfs I have 40 to 50 holdings any one time.

Spend most of my time in markets just weeding the book and finding another. Never bothered what sector etc But certainly wouldn’t have that sort of detail you have in a company


So that’s the difference in approach really. If you play this as a LTH, buy in at 10p, 20p, 30p, 40p etc, you derisk along the way (hopefully). Then research and read between the lines. This share has been consistently shorted, as you know, so if we ‘followed the money’, LTHs would actually lose money.

I prefer the simple approach of sound research, observation, buy low, sell high. Actually buy lots low, derisk at highs, hold main pot long term regardless. In my case I’ve only managed to derisk a little on the last high and am keeping some back in cash for post CMD depending on the outcome.

We all approach this differently. Sometimes, I would suggest in this share particularly, following the money can actually be quite misleading.


It didn’t mislead me which is my primary concern.

I’m sure the calm fundamental approach has mislead many too, such are markets.


The markets are there to make fools of us all. Let’s hope we all navigate clearly and come out with profit!


Absolutely. It is their prime purpose. Fool us to feed themselves. Hence why 1% of the world owns most of it


If you believe that, I can understand why seem to think that you will make money by posting a blast of negative comments (because you can then pick up shares cheaper before selling them later when you have gone quiet or used one of your other names to boost the price a little).

i.e. `Fooling us to feed yourself’

There are indeed some people with that idea, but us LTH’s have bought in at what we hope will be a far lower price than the shares will ultimately be worth. It is a gamble of course, the company may not be bought out and may simply soldier on for decades, but we know that we have vast oil reserves and (after the spirit deal and the EPS), the funds needed to monetise them. So we may have to put up with a steady income stream from our dividends for decades but most of us could live with that (at least for a time).

The only potential blot on this wealth creating future is if electric vehicle batteries become more powerful, lighter, smaller and which can either be charged as fast as filling a petrol tank or swapped out for fully charged replacements. But this will need a lot of big scientific/engineering advances which themselves may take decades (if they are even possible at all).

Until then, we LTH’s of HUR hope to make money not by `fooling others’ but by helping to satisfy the growing need for cheap and convenient