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Floss i cant influence a stock via a bb. Think about it thoroughly. At 60p, were just about all forums positive on HUR? Yes

So why didn’t price go up then? It dropped 30%

Forums influence nothing. If the market powers decided this should be 20p tomorrow, or 60p… then it simply shall be. Retail investors… we are just in for the ride.

The people who move prices, don’t read forums. And don’t care about opinions.


`The people who move prices’ can only do so by selling shares which they own (or have an obligation to buy).

They may or may not form their opinions without reading forums, (just as many of us who post here are influenced by the amount of oil that HUR will be producing).

But how do you know that `The people who move prices’ don’t read forums. And don’t care about



Because i was one of them


Floss there is a big dirty game out there in markets. I don’t think I ever saw 2+2 =4 in that universe.


Do you know, that 99% of funds listed out there in the city, are truly as clueless as retail?

They spend their day doing what i do. The good ones anyway and there are not many of those.

Of course, they need clients. So fundamental expert soundings are vital for that.

Some called the fundamental gurus the sales team… "go get us clients. Good doggy.

Such is life eh.


Oh dear and now you are a reformed character or did they simply kick you



Reformed? No chance lol

And I’ve only got the same tools to hand as you. That goes for most of the funds too.

No magic in this game .


Absolutely, is is a `zero sum’ game i.e. for every winner there is a loser.

You have left (or been dumped from) the ranks of the winners and become just another another loser, unless of course you become a LTH and Dr T delivers the



Think about everything we see, read and hear from funds/institutions /brokers etc

It’s all sales patter…The city profit is about 95% transaction profits.

So who can sound best ? Looool


Yes. But there are always Carillions…or Lloyds banks who were 540p and will never recover

Risk to all methods. Really it’s about getting risk off the table as fast as you can. That’s the best game


To which LTH’s contribute just



Also note, most of them, personally,don’t do LTH’s. Wonder why.

Edit: of whom i know. Can’t say that’s the whole city


Because there are always enough punters who think they can beat the professionals until they realise that they have



Off for a bike ride now



Floss show me a fund who beat the market with long term holds?


Funds that never loan stock to shorters. Never long cover on options

Only need show me one. Il be impressed . And dont claim a pension fund. They can invest in the shorter companies too.

So. Buy. Hold. No adjustments. No smart moves.

Just one


Enjoy. I hope once i book out HUR flies. In fact i hope I’ve bought if that ever comes. Market will let me know lol.

Risk off floss… thats the key to longevity


No RNS so nothing new being said today that we don’t already know.


“No RNS today” Well, we can’t really say that until the CMD starts. (is that at 11am?)
If they’re providing any new financially sensitive info at the CMD, it’ll have to be released on RNS either before the meeting starts, or when it does (and the normal protocol then is that they will announce the RNS in the meeting at the same time, so that no investors are prejudiced)


Maybe at least we will get reassurance that Lancaster is behaving as it should.
I’m not sure if they can even say, “better than expected”


Yes we can be pretty sure that we will get a thorough update because at the CMD meeting questions will surely be asked and will have to be answered if we are to avoid looking a bit