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Could not care less about who is, or is not short.

I thought you were the man who was going to calculate the volume of production from the time the shuttle tanker was adjacent to the AM!

Has everyone missed Dr T’s comments that a second off load is imminent? What is the parcel size? 500,000 barrels. When was the last off load? 18 June, 24 days ago! Is it possible to calculate an approx’ flow rate from this information?

If I could calculate the daily flow rate, I doubt I would short Hurricane.


500,000 in 24 days is 20,833 per day. If you call it 25 days => 20,000 bopd. Sounds reasonable although we were told to expect 9,000 at this stage. Have they maybe decided to open the throttle a bit earlier than anticipated?


Did the CMD not indicate that they have been flowing each of the wells at 16,500 barrels per day? Shut in periods on the slides seemed quite short due to the rapid pressure build up. Could it be that 45% or 9,000 barrels per day is the worst, worst case. No doubt we will find out “imminently”.

I still cannot see the shorting case.


Did I read 350,000 barrels or was that just the first



My understanding is the first off load was below the envisaged parcel size, as quoted in the Environmental Statement, to ensure any potential problems would not impact on production. Can see no reason for two trial off takes, so expecting 500,000 barrels on the next “imminent” off load.

Time will tell.


Lawson 75.
I personally think that as Dr.T has told us in his excellent presentation, you will only be able to judge the production figures after a 6 month to 1 year period.
Clearly he wisely believes that this is the necessary time frame required!
In the meantime I am sure that the navigation watchers will be able to log the tanker movements as they occur.


From the RNS …
Q3 production 9000bpd
Q4 production 13600bpd

Although 20,000bpd was achieved I don’t believe I’ve read anywhere for how long. Equally as this was a test period there would also have been shutdown, pressure testing etc etc so forget the first off take as reliable figures.
Days between visits x9000 for the next couple of months… but to notch up 500,000 will take 50+ days …
All off the top of my head and it’s getting late … please shoot me down as I’d love it to be more?


I’m perfectly capable of replying, but I don’t have to answer to your misguided accusations.
I can’t be bothered with people like you who delight in one upmanship.
If I ignore your posts it’s only because I don’t see any benefit in engaging with you.


Lots of things do not add up and can only be put down to Hurricane being extremely conservative.

Here is another example: H2 operating cash flow was guided as $50 or $60m. This is approx’ 1m barrels of oil at the price they sold the last 350,000 barrels at ($22m).

This would be achieved with an average production of just under 5,500 barrels per day, yet the RNS you quote give an average production off over 11,000 barrels per day.

I think this is described as plenty of “running room”.

Happy to hear others opinions.


We have just had a CMD with tones of new information and your contribution is to say; who should be banned on which board and tell me my posts are misguided.

When I have nothing to say, I say nothing.



Here is a question you could help the board with, which is on topic.

I understand in the Environmental Statement that the upper limit of gas flaring was set to the the maximum capacity of the FPSO to flare.

I do not retain a copy of the Environment Statement, but I know you do as you have quoted from it several times.

We now have numbers from the CMD, it was assumed that the oil would produce up to 466 scf/bbl, we how know it actual produces approx’ 360 scf/bbl.

If you had the daily production volume used in the Environmental Statement you could work out the maximum production the FSPO could achieve. For example 466x20,000/360 = just under 26,000 barrels per day.

Now would this not be more interesting that banging on about banning posters?


Why not just post a link to the page on Hurricane website.?

They went to the effort of producing a nicely formatted easy to read press release.


I read somewhere the FSPO can process 30,000bpd but I don’t know if the amount water and gas affect that figure?


Yes 30,000bpd but is looks like gas flaring will restrict this figurer.

I was looking to see how conservative Hurricanes guidance for 20,000bpd production in 2020 is. Looks like they will be well capable of achieving this as they seem to have approx’ 30% downtime added in.


It is called, “trying to be helpful” so that people can read the info without having to click on anything.
It does not preclude anyone from looking at the HUR RNS itself.

As for being helpful, give it a go sometime, you might enjoy it.


You just don’t get it do you Ricfle?
I’m not going to engage with anyone who even though they’re intelligent enough to write 3 or 4 sensible discussion points in a post, isn’t polite enough to refrain from adding snide remarks to every other post.
“I thought you were the man who…”
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“I doubt you are man enough” - you insult me, then you expect me to give you information!
And who’s banging on about banning posters? If you look back, it’s only you.

I sometimes think you’d be much better face to face over a pint, but you really don’t encourage people to like you when you post online.



I do get it, that seems to be your problem with me.

I am not here to contribute of a facebook love in, I am here to make money. I quite happily post my thoughts and research for others to comment on. I do this so if I am wrong someone will tell me. This could help me make or save money.

When I read someones comments, who has bragged on endlessly for years about how they are God’s gift to oilfields, and the are completely wrong (no drilling losses is a good thing), I call that person an idiot. I would add a further few choice words which would only be filtered. Investors who listen to that idiot potentially lose money, it is a hard enough game with out having to deal with this sort of rubbish. Has my “rude” post cost anyone money, I very much doubt it, indeed it may have wised up a few posters.

I notice that you have not taken this goon to task, not telling your friends they are wrong, especially when they are hurting others shows a lack of integrity. Yet you spend your time telling me how I should act and behave. Double standards old chap, you are not the board police, whatever you may think.

I suggested you provided information for the “benefit of the board”, but you do not what to, not a problem, just seems a bit like “my ball”.

The difference is you are running a popularity contest and I could not give a stuff about that sort of thing as it does not make me dollar 1.

If you do not mind I will continue being me and say things that way I see them, it would be a shame if we all thought the same way. I would point you in the direction of the filler button, but you will not use it as you want to hear what I say.

In future can you try and stay on topic and off the subject of me, I am really not very interesting and I am sure this board it sick of it.

Have a good day.



I can understand HUR not giving figures for the start up phase … because it would just have caused more questions and served no purpose.
They are a little sparse on precise figures though.
I’m assuming the 9000bopd is unprocessed? … do we take 10% off for water/gas ?
Clarity by HUR would stop some of the guessing that going on … imo


All those things that aren’t irony :slight_smile: