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Hello Carliol

Like Lawven, I have to make an exception to my rule to reply to your post.

I’ll be here in the background observing but feel until the data is in (which I anticipate something to be in around October/November) can’t see much happening here. But who knows with this share!

Congratulations are in order for the arrival of your granddaughter. Wishing you a not too humid / hot trip to Sevenoaks and an enjoyable bit of Kentish summer.

Childhood holidays in Cumbria still engrained in the memory, all the 'Mere’s and the best vanilla ice cream I’ve eaten to this day (not to mention Kendal Mint Cake).

Wishing you a relaxed and happy summer!

(ps. in case another poster has misled you, I’m not on holiday - just working 60 hour weeks at the moment which is why it’s nice to have a break every now and then!)


Exception restated, Carliol. I have not ‘seen’ you, @kooiker. I do hope you are well, healthy & happy.
Kr,A. - LLV


Thanks lawven for the good wishes - still going, recovering and happy. most of family have arrived for the summer, so it’s only the battle trying to get my shares acknowledged to worry about now !



Petroatlantic heading for Lancaster :slight_smile:


Yes, tanker on its way for a second offload. HUR must be pumping in excess of 10000 bpd, mainly due to less downside as anticipated because oil is not so waxy, and reservoirs performing much better than expected so taps can be turned up.
We already know that HUR will be pumping 22 or 23,000 bpd in January 2020 to give the 20k bpd average up from the 17,000 bpd originally expected.
Survey work for the pipeline from the AM to the West of Shetland pipeline ongoing.
The extra revenue HUR is generating could mean a further well will be drilled in Lancaster to ensure the FPSO is being used to its full capacity after the modifications are complete, and all the oil is 100% for Hurricane Energy from Lancaster field.


Many thanks bobsson, you seem to be someone with knowledge as opposed to most of us who are simply hopeful.

It would be a great comfort if you felt able to expand a little on your background so that we can feel even more comfortable that you have either the expertise or knowledgeable friends which enable you to write with



Floss, Very kind of you, but I am just a mug punter like most here. No oil industry knowledge just read the BBs and company updates and form my own opinion which I post to share and exchange views with others. As I have said before, when I sell I tend to sell the lot, and that decision is based on where the share price is, and where I see it going, and whether I need the money. And that decision is usually made within 10 seconds.
But state of play as I see it, WD reaction way overblown. Lincoln well will come in, and Warwick shallow will come in. Lancaster performing great, and major will attempt to at least farm in by end of 2019. Perhaps a selling op for around £1 this year. + Those Iranians are playing up see other thread.


Hi Ash,

Petroatlantic on site by AM now !

Have a good weekend all,



Let’s hope it moves the SP


New Q3 Presentation now available. Contains a lot of information concerning how production is going to ramp up. A must read for all holders.

I cannot get the link to work. Hope someone can post it.


Any idea what heading it comes under? There are various possibilities but a quick try at several has failed to unearth the Q3



Having read the Q3 presentation I now better understand the issue with perched water - it is just trapped water way above the oil water contact line which is occasionally released as production occurs. So it appears the 8% water cut in the one well should reduce as the water is naturally pumped out with the oil. Therefore there is a good chance of even better production from the Lancaster wells soon.
One tanker a month offload at this early stage is way above expectations, if we have offloads in August and September, and the Lincoln well is as good as we expect the Q4 presentation should be amazing.
$22 m received for 350,000 barrels, how much in this offload?
If an offload in August it can pay the £18 m invoice due in September.
Can Lancaster well 205/21a 4z (2010) be re entered and completed as a producer to increase production? At least two more FPSO`s will be needed - expect contract with Bluewater for one soon.



Tinker with this


The underscore gets lost when posted! This is the part that needs to be tweaked:


Alternatively just go to the Hurricane website,

Then go to:



Download Hurricane’s latest presentations or browse our archive’.


`Latest corporate presentation
Corporate presentation Q3 2019

pdf Flocument’


Try this
2019 Q3 corporate presentation


Petroatlantic still on site. Must be a lot of oil pumping going on.


Ah a fellow optimist!

They could have had trouble mating (don’t scoff, it does happen) or they could just be playing



Will they ever tell us?
Fingers crossed, the weather looks ok.


Petroatlantic on way to Aberdeen, ETA 22nd July 7am. Why not Rotterdam ? With the Iranians creating trouble in Strait of Hormuz, perhaps Rotterdam has no available berths ? Or maybe British oil offloading in a British port gets our oil to market sooner ?

Let’s hope we get an RNS (or Malcy blog info) with rationale…