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It seems very odd that the posters on LSE who seem to know what is going on have either disappeared or kept very quiet over the last couple of days.


Maybe nothing’s going on


Hi Ash,

Like yourself, I too have wondered at the silence from the usual, knowledgeable posters on other BB’s. My view is that they know something. They cannot speak out as they may be divulging insider information. So, is it good or is it bad ?

Today, on LSE, Moonlanding said “All is good!!”. When queried, he said read my post. I take that to be good news on the way, perhaps on CMD. He cannot say more so I accept that.

Watch this space !



AIM is as leaky as a sieve. The downward drooping of the sp for a couple of weeks now makes me nervous about the progress / first results of the drill.

Trading on insider knowledge has always occurred, sadly I do not believe that HUR is immune … simply too many people close to the drill, and all with extended families.


People on LSE now asking for PMs!

Glad I was out on my bike this morning getting away from it but very disappointed not to see flaring by now.
It was an odd bike ride.


From LSE

Total Depth next week ,HUR should give out an RNS mid week.


Looks pretty normal to me, what makes you think that it was



It needed a lot of looking at my phone navigator.
A short, sharp shock!
But very enjoyable. Just a shame that Europe is having a heat wave and I have 16C :frowning:


Poor you, we were in the lake district trying to find patches of shade in the 27 degree heat. If you don’t believe me, just ask



Reality' means different things to different people: my shares are in my pension fund which will be inherited by my grandchildren hopefully 21 years hence if I make a century not out. So myfair value’ would be the present value of the dividends/capital accumulation which we can reasonably expect over that 21 years. Dr T has assessed that using the cash flow from Lancaster to fund the new drills is a good use of funds and as he is best placed to judge that, I am happy to have the potential dividends re-invested' in this way. As suggested elsewhere, it is quite likely that HUR will be bought out, but only if the buyer is prepared to ascribefair value’ to the various prospects not yet drilled. Otherwise, Dr T will simply press on validating the prospects and generating further cash flow from them, a process that can be repeated until the cash flow is greater than needed for re-investment. The company can then pay dividends whilst continuing its exploration and development efforts.

At some point, a bid may be received that cuts short this process because it offers what the board is a fair reflection of the drilled and undrilled prospects and can be accepted. At this point, the patient shareholders will get their just reward for the time they were invested but received no dividends.

We fortunately live in the UK where the rule of law ensures that we will all get a fair `crack of the whip’ as learned in the hallowed halls of Harrow and



Has anyone worked out fag packet style what the SP ought to be if all we are left with is Lancaster?


Are you attending Aquarian?


Cycling in 16 c or cycling in 44 c? I know which I’d prefer, beautiful route btw, what a good way to start your day.


And always likely to see deer and interesting birds there.


I do believe I have that grasp and I further believe you may be about to get a taste of that reality in about twenty mins when the markets open after the newly released RNS from the company but thanks for the message anyway. I take no joy other than having learned my lessons from the past, it could be a sore one today!

All above IMHO, good luck to all investors.


30 - 35p

All above IMHO, good luck to all investors.


What is?


Well that’s me out. As I said in previous Post’s this was my first go at Investment in Shares and as much as I was a few thousand up I couldn’t afford to lose to much money as this was my Life Savings.
I put a Stop Loss at 42p and this morning it just dipped below that so all my Shares were sold. I have lost a small amount and for the moment will sit on my hands. It’s not good for my nerves.
Best of luck for the future to the LTH’s


@Soapy. So sorry for you, especially as your first venture into share ownership. My first was in a company that made yachts, back in the eary 80s … and that first toe in sank without trace.

But if I could say that stop losses are dangerous things to the inexperienced. You will see that yours was triggered at 42p yet the sp is currently around 45p. If you had had a small investment of say 10,000 shares (around £5k), you would now have around 300 quid more than when your stop loss was triggered.

I imagine that most of the regulars here saw the drop as a buying rather than selling opportunity.

But chalk this down to experience and I hope that you are not put of the market for good. But in your place, i would have suggested investing in something a little less risky, like a good investment trust (Blackrock Greater Europe or World Mining for example). The trouble with oil explorers is that you are basically flipping a weighted coin on results, a binary chance with a weighting on a negative result, like today.

Good luck in the future
Eco (retired!)