Post foil



I to am sorry to hear that you have lost out on your first venture into these type of investments but think yourself lucky for only small losses. I believe this SP is going to be punished severely over the next few days and by the end of the week some will be looking at some serious losses. An old adage is Never ever gamble with funds that you can not afford to loose but good luck for the future.
For others on here and you know who you are, remember the sub 40p prediction some weeks ago and more recently which people scoffed at, well not there yet but there as a better chance of it happening than not!
I believe the sharks will be circling shortly if not already for this company on the cheap and I also believe there could be movement in a TO move before the results of the next well.
And if you believe this is a buying opportunity, come on. If it drops another 20% in the next week then maybe for the full hearty but not for me now and certainly not for novices in investment and those that ramp up should be ashamed.
This is not a de-ramp but a grip on reality!!!

Again, all of the above IMHO, good luck to all investors.



Agree with Ecologist’s reply. If it’s any comfort, with hindsight wish I’d sold half of my investment at recent peak of 60p + to have some money to play with in the event of an SP drop (albeit temporary). If I had I would have brought back in at the lowest point I could fathom.

I didn’t so legs, toes and fingers crossed as I ride this one out.

PS. Think you did the right thing for you, that’s what stop losses are for. Unfortunately they don’t have one on Charles Stanley Direct.


Has anyone worked out fag packet style what the SP ought to be if all we are left with is Lancaster?

Would a fag packet figure be? Between £0.84p & £2.66+?? Lancaters only
Depending on how good Lancaster EP data results are?

Also after today’s disappointing news, is it possible that the level the share price IS at now, IS therefore fair value for where HUR are? As stocks are voted for with the wallet?


That’s what I was wondering myself.


A bit of a bashing this morning but wait till this PM a lesson in reality to be be further hammered home I believe. SP projection/thought by end of the week 29 - 32p me thinks. If so, then I believe a possible buying opportunity then depending how quickly it falls i.e. never try to catch a falling knife etc. Reality I am afraid. Still invested but glad I started to offload some four - five weeks ago. “No news is good news” if it was not for the comedy value on this site of some of the posters I would cry myself as to what is happening to the SP. Made a few bob here!! and willing to let the rest go to mid twenty’s before stopping any losses.

All above IMHO, good luck to all investors.


Hi Everyone, today hurts! For me, although the drop is sickening, I feel that the biggest fear that arises, and what that drop represents, is that it adds to the number of question marks about Dr Trice’s concept. It is the concept itself that is being scrutinised, and judged for potential. It is the confidence in the success and proof of the concept that the shareprice represents. And, although the Warwick Deep Drill was not necessarily a major factor in the overall ‘proof of the pudding’, the P&A of it is raising eyebrows, and majorly increasing fears about the other drills to come.

I must admit, the question marks are also spinning around in my head too. It is making me question my judgement. Have I been over confident in Dr Trice? Was Dr Trice himself overconfident in what he believed about Warwick? Why don’t I listen to my inner voice sometimes? I was unnerved when he didn’t attend the AGM. But, my overconfident voice overruled my sensible and logical voice, that was telling me, “something isn’t right”.

The journey with Hurricane is wearing me thin a bit, and has taught me a valuable lesson. And that is, don’t ever buy huge amounts of shares in one company, just because you like and believe in the man at the top. Because even he can get things wrong.

I hope today’s pain becomes a distant memory soon, and that the CMD will help to boost spirits, and provide much needed updates, at least on Lancaster flow numbers.

Chin up everyone



Today’s news, is very disappointing but not totally unexpected, you were getting vibes last week and there was even talk of problems way back to before this years AGM.
From memory this drill was the most adventurous and risky and tackled first, but would have been transformational if the news was different.
CMD is not far away, so lets see what news comes between now and then, There is also the talk DR Trice is giving a couple of days prior to CDM in London.
I have been invested for 5 years and still hold an average buy of well below todays current price. But had hoped to finally sell some on the back of news in the not to distant future. I guess Ill just have top wait a bit longer.


That is an interesting observation, can you clarify the background to the above i.e. was a comment on a board or a comment from the



I will trawl through BB and or HUR quotes, but I remember something from somewhere…


Thanks for taking the trouble. It is this sort of cooperative interaction that makes the BB useful and stands in marked contrast to GCTrader’s jaundiced




Its easy to be an expert after the news.

As an LTH this is disappointing, hopefully not regards spoiling the eventual rewards.

But elongating the timescale to get there.


Lawson 75,
Hi Fellow shareholders in Hurricane Energy, like you all I had a believe in this company which has become a little jaded over the last few days! However I remember when Dr Trice announced his partnership with Spirit Energy and many comments were made that it was a bad move and not required at all!
I felt at the time that Dr Trice and done an excellent deal and as a result of today`s negative report, we can at least note that this has been carried out with no obvious costs to the company, since Spirit were paying for all of this against a 50% cut of the oil found which as we have heard today is likely to be very little! If we feel a little annoyed what about the people from Spirit who negotiated the deal? and presumably unlike ourselves could at least see the drilling logs?


I had thought the same as well today, at least we the shareholders hold a 100% interest currently in something. Plus now in early stages of production.
Spirit currently hold 50% cut of Nothing for 100% of the privilege.


Very good point and bear in mind that until the fat lady sings, the GW phase is not



Post foil HUR are producing 9000 bpd rising to 13,000 bpd in September and 20,000 bpd in December. There is no certainty in oil drilling, but the Lincoln well likely to spud next week is the nearest thing to it. The Lincoln well will be tied back to the FPSO and produce around 10,000 bpd of which HUR will receive monies for 50% of production. The share price fall is overdone and will gradually recover and we will see a nice bounce when the Lincoln well comes in. The result of which should be known middle of August.


Yes we are still in the position of being the only UK producer from FB and GW is still an attractive



Note on both my choice of word was CURRENTLY.
It was not meant to sound like a negative gloating comment. Merely an observation.
Id like nothing more than Spirits investment to come up Trumps moving forward, as it will be in everyones best interest.


As promised Floss

KEY AREA, (9.54 mins to 10.30 mins) with key word @ 9.59

Full interview worth a watch to refresh yourself on plans.

This could settle some nerves from todays news!!! As I thought earlier…


Another point to note here is?

That DR Trice @ 11,40 mins says they will end up with 5 wells??? When they are drilling six potentially. Is that a Freudian slip? as he may think that the deep well is an experiment only?

Is it possible that Dr Trice had his own thoughts/reservations on WD, and maybe thought this would be the case. But whoever pays the piper, calls the tune?

Maybe reading to much there though!

There could still be much more to the story than todays setback.


What a pants day. Never mind, onwards and upwards.