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Hello TOT that is six times the current rare. Better than VRS last year.
Shares in PowerHouse currently trade at 0.41p, to capitalise the business at £7.6 million. As set out in our update note of November 2018, our DCF model (using a very conservative discount rate of 20%) suggests a value of 2.45p per share, some six times the current level – and that is only considering licence income on gate fees and power production, without accounting for any sales of higher value hydrogen. In our view, the company remains in a sweet spot to take advantage of the range of positive drivers across the waste management, clean power and hydrogen fuel industries. Our stance is unmoved at Conviction Buy.




Hi loadsadough
Any idea why a load of avatars have disappeared against are names and others on this site today ?
Noticed some post without reference to who’s posted last week ?


Hello Ripley94 I have no idea there. I will have a look.

You asked me to define why I no longer invest in ITM. Soon PHE will produce hydrogen one third the price of ITM, Who in the future will buy ITM hydrogen when they can buy it from PHE at a large discount. ITM only have around 7, or 8 hydrogen car stations, but PHE will soon have a lot more, 200 planed in the next 10 years. Toyota will be selling cars from PHE sites in the future. Just give it time for PHE to come good. The plastic waste will be at a price to who recives it, one of the reasons that PHE will be cheaper. This is why I invest in PHE over the next few years.

(PowerHouse is currently collaborating on detailed site operational requirements, delivery programmes and framework contracts for 6 client sites in the UK market. Planning and permitting assessments are being progressed on the potential clients’ sites under negotiation, in readiness for formal submission on initial contractual agreement. In parallel, potential customers/partners are undertaking their own due diligence on the DMG® process, potential operational savings and the speed with which plants can be delivered. When complete, heads of terms would need to be agreed before signing a formal contract, with head of terms with at least one customer expected in the next quarter.

Crucial to the actual building of the plants, it is expected that engineering and site assembly of each DMG® unit will involve an EPC partner. In this respect, PowerHouse has been approached by several blue-chip companies, each with worldwide delivery capability. PowerHouse has already put in place all the operational systems, procurement, contractual and licensing frameworks necessary to engage with such EPC partners.)



Hello Ripley94.

I suggest that you go to the PHE site, and read ALL the videos that you can to get all the information.



Hi loadsadough
Have you noticed the avatars of the two of us and many others , but not all have disappeared ?
Sorry see i asked you yesterday about that i have just seen , did you look ?


Hi loadsadough.
Jackdawson worked out the avatar problem informed me and i was able to sort mine out i see they are all back now maybe i need more patience .:smile:
Was it you who invited me over to a drainpipe club on ADVFN.
Just started reading over there ( but have not visited drainpipe yet )
Did you say what that club is about ?


Hello Ripley94.

It looks like the avatar is sorted out now.
The drainpipe club. .Have Lady Jennifer giving us information about RNS’s, and me talking about PHE. Plus a few others on there.
I use the name namruts25 on the The drainpipe club…

Have you looked at my PHE information yet on this one… Well worth looking at IMO.



G … Pointed out that because nominal value is 0.5p they can not raise money below this ?
This was 0.37p around time loadsadough suggested it.
By 7th march less then one month had climbed to 0.52p .
Now 0.45p


Hi loads …
You still in this one ??
Noticed its around 0.35 now.


Hit new lows of 0.34p today … You still about loadsadough ?


Appears loadsadough is not down to 0.33 now .
Looks like i was lucky i was not drawn in .


Was looking at it last week up 22% today …still only 0.32p
Info from LSE below.


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RE: Tick upToday 13:03
Philosophical - In relation to your 12.48 post I believe that there is a rule that if the shares go up by either 20 or 25% I cannot recall which the compnay can be asked to issue a statement as to whether they are aware of anything that explains it.

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RE: Tick upToday 12:48
Stokey - tick up doesn’t seem extraordinary to me, normal trading range for last year has been mostly 0.4p-0.5p, so just to return there would seem only like a fair correction. But if there’s a hint of significant progress why shouldn’t we be back at 1p+. (I’ve been here since the 5pence days!!)


Up 40% to 0.53p today.
Hindsight should of jumped in 3 days ago when I last posted.
Loadsadough did come back last few days on Dr M board!!
Claims posts on this drainpipe club thing on Adfvn … Some mention of email announce not been my exspirence.


I’ve registered for announcements with PHE and have had no email?


Hello Ripley nice to see you agin.

he Daily Express outlines Waste2Tricity’s clean energy revolution
(Press Coverage, November 2019)

Waste2Tricity technology raised in House of Lords
(Press Release – November 2019)

Peel Environmental submits application for hydrogen plant at Protos
(Press Release – September 2019)

Waste2tricity receives endorsement from Japanese government in support of technology


Hello Ripley.

PHE will be a big company in the end, buy some now and wait for the next few years.

It has lots of interst but it will not sell any more until the new one is built some time next year. Japan are very interested so soon they will be in Japan.

Go to the chart I posted and have a look.



Ripley I buy PHE a long while ago at around 0.33p per share, now I wait for many years to make a fortune. by this time next year it will be worth a lot more per share.



Hello nondangerousdan With me I get emails from people who send me a reply.



From manabouttouen at 13.48 on the other board.

This is the start of a very good period for PHE. Peel have stated categorically that they will take this to financial close wether they fund or not is not an issue. They are basically saying we guarantee to get it built if we don’t get finance we will stump up the cash.

And once the first is build and proven secondary plants will easily get finance the infrastructure lenders will be falling over themselves to help.

The queens speech says a ban on exporting plastic that’s 611,000 tons of plastic that needs a solution that’s enough to feed 51 plants at 35 tons a day

PHE are in the right place at the right time working with the right company

This is a stinking buy at these levels

PHE just with the Peel 11 plants will be grossing 5.5 million pounds income annually without getting out the office.

Now add in all the G20 countries and you have 100 plants that’s £50 million revenue and you still haven’t scratched the surface

People really do need to think 3-6 years down the toad and imagine how many orders there will be