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To help get the information go to the www.lse. that I posted before and look at.

Page 6 Sharesport. Wed 0557.
Worth looking at this one for PHE information. But they are putting items in fast so many more to come.



Looks like it was a bargain on 12 Dec 2019 @ 0.27p .
By the time loadsadough responds on 19th it had picked up to today’s 0.49p .
Share Maiden on Dr M had a dabble she claims… that board promotes buying after a rise.


Plenty more gain to come over the next few years. By next June, or after that it will fly up.



You bought the dip last week then loads ?


No I have a full amount now so I wait for it to go up. Peel got going in Sep this year with 9 months to make it, but various problems like planning, and National England may have slowed it up. So I wait for it to get going, in 5 years time it will be worth a fortune.



I obviously do not have a clue if i had your confidence id of got more no matter what my holding @ 0.27p.
Could of sold it back at 0.49 today.
And you would have just as many .
Pity for me you did not share your thoughts at that time .


Hello Ripley I was not sure what PHE was going to do so I remainded silent. Now I know that PEEL invested more money into PHE it is in a late RNS.

I have been invested in PHE for a long while, just ask me and I try to help if I can.

PHE are unusal they have a new product first in the world, so everyone will want it as soon as it is up, and running. Some time next year.

We want plastic and old car tyers to be sorted out, for Hydrogen, and electricity.

It takes time to make the equipment, and our government wont help, not like Japan, Germany, or California.



Two others you can look at. CWR, and JDG. Have a look at there shares over the last few mons to going back say 5 years.


Hello Ripley Here is the news from the Chrome web site one I hope you have so you can read.

PHE went up on Mon, and Tuesday but the RNS came out on Wed. So I kept silent auntill Wed. By the way you speak of making money from companies that go up I did this on PPS, and AFC. PPS is a Gemany company so they help it go up, but AFC is British so no help there but in the end it went up, now it has dropped back.

Go to
It will keep you updated on PHE.

PHE is very interesting waste2electriry look all over the world to find work have a look at Indonesia they have not enough electricity, and too much old platic. So they are planning to have some PHE equipment to help them when it becomes available next year. Take Japan they are inertested and plan to sell Hydrogen cars and give PHE hydrogen free for 2 years, PHE can do there hydrogen cheper than enbody else due to the old platic coming along cheap…

I will let you know if anybody is going up if I know.

Please allow for my spelling I have health problems.



POWERHOUSE ENERGY GROUP PLC - Protos Development Funding
19/12/2019 7:00am
PR Newswire (US)

Powerhouse Energy (LSE:PHE)
Here is the RNS

Intraday Stock Chart
Today : Saturday 21 December 2019

PowerHouse Energy Group plc
(“PowerHouse” or the “Company”)
19th December 2019
Protos Development Funding

By the way I Gemany they will have 100 Hydrogen top up stations by the end of this year, we have around 10 from ITM. But soon we will have 200 by PHE. ITM don’t make any money so our government give them money to keep going. But PHE get nothing from our government, however PEEL keep them going with money.



Happy Christmas, and a merry new year to you all. Ripley, walrog, S123m, PHE, waste2ericity, and Peel.

Ripley have a look at my recent postings as there is some information for you to read.



Significant Shareholders | PowerHouse Energy Group plc
Significant Shareholders | PowerHouse Energy Group plc
Hello Ripley here are the shareholders for PHE note that Hargreaves have a big amount.

But they are tasking over waste so the shares could vary soon.

Happy Christmas. Ripley.



If it does not come out go to the item stock and have a look



Shares in issue Ord 0.5p
Yady Worldwide S.A.
RenewMe Limited
Pershing Nominees Limited A/C PERNY
Paul Warwick
Lawshare Nominees Limited A/C SIPP
JIM Nominees A/C Jarvis
Interactive Investor Services Nominees A/C SMKTNOMS
Interactive Investor Services Nominees A/C SMKTISAS
Hargreaves Lansdown (Nominees) Limited A/C VRA
Hargreaves Lansdown (Nominees) Limited A/C HLNOM
Hargreaves Lansdown (Nominees) Limited A/C 15942
Barclays Direct Investing Nominees Limited A/C CLIENT1

Got them ok now.
Hargreaves have a total of 26.14 shares.



Hello Ripley94 where are you, wake up. maybe walrog is reading this.

PHE could go up any time if our government, Peel, or say the Japanes put money into PHE. Peel are sorting out where the next 10 go in January so more money could be coming in. Amercan are interested if you notice from the shares they go up when the American markets open up. it when up 3.3% yesterday.

They have plenty of orders waiting for the item to be sorted out and running. Say next June or after. Then Mr white will have to go all over the world with drawing, and information to organise buildings

Have a loo at this information.

Happy new year evrey one.

Wake up Rispley94



Hello Ripley. PHE up over 11% today at this time. More money coming there way have a look at todays information.

Just buy and then do a Warren Bufett and wait for it to keep coming up. in five years you will be rich.



Hello everyone.

Ripley you should have done PHE as it keeps going up, it went up over 10% last Friday with loads more people buying it.

Here is Manabouttown from the board.
Great day
Fri 18:18
Been out playing golf all afternoon

Lovely surprise to see such huge volume and a really good sustained price.

We are only just getting started.

Think we are getting on more and more investors radars.

Hopefully this momentum will continue next week.

Good luck all

Worth looking at IMO.

Here is something else.

A computer simulation of the planned waste-to-hydrogen plant in northwest England.Photo: Peel Environmental
Turning plastic waste into hydrogen: first commercial plant moves step closer
Award of $1.6m grant will enable Waste2tricity to build the facility’s ‘thermal conversion chamber’, which will heat the plastic until it breaks down into gases.
Related news
World’s first liquefied hydrogen carrier launched in Japan
11 December 2019 11:39 GMT
Offshore wind to power giant green-hydrogen carbon-neutral aviation-fuel plant
31 October 2019 17:47 GMT
World’s largest green-hydrogen plant begins operation in Austria
18 November 2019 10:57 GMT
Green hydrogen ‘can beat fossil-fuel H2 on price by 2030’
22 October 2019 13:22 GMT
7 January 2020 15:36 GMT Updated 7 January 2020 15:37 GMT
By Leigh Collins
A technology company aiming to produce hydrogen from unrecyclable plastic waste has won a £1.25m ($1.64m) grant for its first commercial plant, to be built in northwest England.
Waste2tricity will use the funds to construct the facility’s thermal conversion chamber, a key component of the Distributed Modular Generation (DMG) system developed by its partner, AIM-listed waste-to-energy group PowerHouse Energy (PHE) — which is, incidentially, in the process of acquiring Waste2Tricity.

Seven emerging technologies that will be vital for fighting climate change
Read more
The DMG process works by heating plastic waste (or old tyres) to temperatures of more than 850°C, which not only melts the plastic, but turns the molten plastic into syngas — a mixture of methane, carbon monoxide and hydrogen. The hydrogen is then separated for later use, and the remaining gases are cleaned and burned to produce electricity, with waste heat also available for local distribution.
The £7m plant near Ellesmere Port, Cheshire, which Waste2tricity is developing with infrastructure company Peel Environmental, will be able to process 35 tonnes of plastic waste and produce up to two tonnes of hydrogen per day, while generating 3.8MW of electricity (of which 3.4MW will be exported).
It is set to be the first of at least 11 DMG plants to be built in the UK as part of a £130m collaboration between Peel and PHE.
The £1.25m award came from the £4.1m Energy Fund of the Cheshire and Warrington Local Enterprise Partnership, a non-profit organisation operated by local authorities and businesses. It is conditional on the facility winning planning permission later this year.

Waste2tricity chairman Tim Yeo — the influential former UK environment minister — said: “This grant offer recognises the importance of the PHE DMG technology and the impact it may have on assisting Cheshire and Warrington and potentially the country to the target of net zero emissions — through the creation of hydrogen fuel from waste plastic.”
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PHE buy more shares now.



An interesting report by:-

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RE: Takeover
Thu 20:16
And this.

Howard White <>?

16/01/20 08:20

Absolutely - and that I would fiercely resist any takeover from a third party as the vast potential for PHE shareholders should remain with the faithful !!

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I can assure you my only motive is the focus on mass adoption of this technology particularly in the China / South East Asian / ASEAN regions - I want to demonstrate to the world that one can change aspects of environmental carnage quickly if driven by positive monetisation of the problem - I personally don’t desire vast fortunes - I am not particularly materialistic, my kids are independently successful - I think of the concept of resolving plastic ocean on a mass scale asa an intellectual challenge that I would be proud to be a small part of - and once this program takes off I see that we have a process that we can argue can be taken up - profitably - on a mass scale - and I mean 1000’s of units chomping up millions of tons of plastic, distributing hydrogen for low carbon vehicles, syngas as a base chemical and electricity where there isn’t any like 40% of Indonesia and replace very inefficient Diesel engines

Sorry if it’s a long answer but the short answer is I have no desire to let someone steal my dream.

Best and thanks for your continued support Trevor


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It came from



Worth reading this one .

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Bosch invests more in CWR
Wed 08:01
The issue you might all wish to consider is that whilst both Linde and Ceres have raised circa £38 million from strategic partners this type of funding would be wasted on PHE
we are in the process of agreeing to a transaction acquisition of W2T once completed all we need is for Peel to arrange funding for the commercial roll out - we do not need the quantum of R and D for our project to succeed commercially -
We will start to receive engineering fees and annual royalties for a minimum of 11 projects.
which means we will be in profit way before companies like ITM and CWR and our market is substantially bigger with no existing competitors

Look at their mcaps massive in comparison to ours PHE is way undervalued at present (MASSIVELY )