PPI Updates



About 63 days until no further claims can be made, however, the end of PPI will be when all existing claims have been settled and there are no further legal attempts to con more money from the Banks. This might take several months (years?) more. However, at least the magnitude of the settlements should reduce significantly after the deadline passes.

I have no doubt that there will be other claims that will try to fill the void left by PPI.


However its only cost 20 Billion pounds plus to date of shareholders funds

Not a biggie as they carry on regardless saying



JUST ASK Soul Man and his Scottish Mate …

You don’t believe Lloyds Dividend pay outs are not increasing in 2020 guys

La la land AKA that that dump Italy is coming to ?



Not only is that a double negative but can you kindly provide any proof that either I or the other poster who you refer to has stated there will not be an increase in divi payout.
I have not commented on it at all.

I do not care about the dividend, provided I get my trades right I can make the dividend in a week, sometimes a day, if exceptional.

Picking up pennies. LOL.

If only you knew.

Mind your manners now.

I know you are in loss and hurting but that is not my fault.



Soul man

It’s only a bit of fun

Nothing is personal on here we don’t know each other from Adam :wink:

The Bell is ringing so must rush and good luck with your Trades fella


BLIMEY Now in July

Antonio is putting the champagne on ice as I type

Matching On All Together



Only 46 days to go fellow Black horse Investors

Tick- Tock


June PPI Payout estimate 329.4m


Last call folks less than a month left :slight_smile:


It will have no effect on the sp.
Already priced in and known to the market.

Anyone want some straws ?



Not long left

Get your claims in :slight_smile:


Last knockings Folks

Only 15 days left, before we pop the champagne open :slight_smile:

bye bye bye PPI

Costly / Expensive Agency Staff contracts are up on the 1st September 2019 according to my man in South Wales ( Newport )


Just need boris to get a deal and it’ll pass 60p in a week


Maybe, but that looks pretty unlikely.



The average monthly payout since the beginning of 2012 has been £377m, so the last reported figure was only slightly below this average. The average monthly payment in 2019 has been £332m, and the trend has been rising since the February low. This is unsurprising considering the increased media exposure and increased claim management Company activity.

Although the deadline is the end of this month we still have to see the June to August payment levels, and then there should be a slow decline as existing claims are settled/discarded and appeals are decided. LLOY continue to add to their provisions but there should now only be one or two reports where this could be done. I hope that their last provision was on the pessimistic side and that these will not actually be needed, but I somehow doubt it.

The levels of extra provisions are still quite low so do not have a marked effect on the funds available for dividends and buybacks. So PPI sentiment affecting the sp should be minor. However, I suspect that we may see rises in other provisions, especially if some of the so-called political “elite” continue to work as Quislings and fifth-columnists to ensure we have the worst possible Brexit outcome.


We can live in hope frog. Personally I think a deal will happen very very very late on.


How much later after 29th March do you want?
Never? Yep… that would be best.