Q3 Sino 2 results due , Omnia processing Guy Fawks hard rock update , fair brides hard rock progress report



I’m pretty sure Sino 2 alluvial results will be announced on Friday owing to gold sales now being done in Dubai at a higher price . We’ve a 50 / 50% profit split with Nexus up from 40 / 60% this time last year . Along with alluvials being processed from the chicken farm area where there’s less overburden and higher grade gold to be found I’m sure Sino 2 profits will be a catalyst for a tidy Market Cap rise .

We’re also aware Omnia are cherry picking Guy Fawks hard rock area to process in their nearby hard rock processing plant . That should make pleasing reading since we have a straight 50 / 50% profits split with them with Nexus out of the picture with all hard rock processing on the Manica prospect should make very , very interesting reading .

As for fair brides an update regarding on site plant progress will give us an insight into whether all ordered items have arrived on site yet . Alas fair brides has a D.F.S. based upon gold being US$1,250 oz which I’m sure now the P.O.G. is around US$1,500 /oz will be an extra incentive to get the processing started .

We’ve also got the recently announced Kalengwa processing project to consider since KPZ have a special purpose vehicle ( SPV ) to carry out the processing of copper concentrates . Which in turn leads to another revenue stream for Xtract Resources .

All good news with the knowledge XTR have cash in the bank , 100% wholly own the Manica Prospect and since Mr.Colin Bird has taken charge worked on the theory of being a low risk / high reward company rather than like many AIM listed companies of just being exploration with no revenue stream .