Reason for recent SP surge




nice to see we are finally waken from the slumber of the last few months.


It is a very high percentage of ownership, it would be interesting to see when they started to acquire a shareholding (Yahoo finance does not even list them as an institutional shareholder). I can't remember the limit of ownership they must stay below before a bid must be made for the company but it must be getting close.


dawto..i guess that they have no interest in making a bid. They are simply buying shares in an undervalued company.
They should be listed on or the nasdaq site as a large shareholder?



They don't appear to be (unless I'm missing something):


dawto...i guess that they bought them on the ise


Unfortunately LG, it's not (as I'm sure you know) that simple!

If a company lists on the NYSE it must abide by it's rules, and one of the most basic rules is that all material shareholders must be publically declared within a certain (and very strict) timeframe. That is why I thought it possibly significant that Capital's shareholding might be fairly recent and, if so, that it was a pretty serious foray into CRH; investment companys generally don't suddenly appear and take a $2.5 billion stake in a company where they have no apparent prior holding.