Recent rise



It seems this is down to reports of somewhat unexpected strong Far East buying of London office property in 2017 prompted by £ weakness and maybe a realisation that the UK is likely to have a decent relationship with the EU at the end of the day. All very welcome to those who were buying shares not long ago c600p, including the company itself. I suppose the discount to likely NAV should narrow some more but the possibility of a Corbyn government will be a restraining factor.

What do others think?


from years of experience and watching sectors come in and out of favour, this sector has been drifting for so long, that eventually it had to be a raging buy.

shame though that it is the overseas buyers who have spotted the under-valuations . Dodgy money or not, the foreigners will be welcomed with open arms to loot our UK treasures …

Once the share price ramps up another few quid, our own UK bloated with bonuses asset managers and analists will then start piling in and declare that BL and Land Securities etc are all massively under-priced on every metric.

and so to the market rotation ngoes — trick is to spot the next sector and then wait