Recent video showing Zaza?



Posted on the Frontera Facebook site. Apparently this year??? Any translators?


Obviously talking about the recent senator letter and the arbitration. Wait and see, think we’re literally a few weeks from finding out our fate.


I’ve posted on LSE also


Ah…you beat me to it Eyeson as I was just scouring Facebook for snippets. It’s obviously gone on National TV now with archive footage from the official opening of the gas processing plant at MK. The guy from the GOGC is not a familiar face, but they did have a clear out a while back and he might be able to point to a predecessor as a scapegoat when push comes to shove.

Underneath the video Google translate offers the following translation:

"Georgian Oil and Gas Corporation (GOGC) involved in arbitration dispute - US energy company Frontera Oil and Gas Corporation demands $ 3.5 billion in compensation; :mega: For its part, Frontera Corporation is required to comply with the terms of its contract with the state and return 99% of its contractual territory to Georgia. # Oil # Gas # Fronta # Energy # Arbitrage # Energy Platform State Oil and Gas Agency "

The two stated positions are clearly extremes and it will be the role of the Arbitrators to see if they can meet in the middle or somewhere near it I guess, but the fact that it has got onto tv screens in Georgia means that there are no hiding places now neither for the politicians nor the bureaucrats. They will not want/be able to to cough up any large sum of money, so I suspect that FRR will get to hang on to a significant percentage of the block, provided it is able to to demonstrate that, together with a big name partner, it has the ability to develop the resources to their full potential. To do so will surely be dependent on the outcome of the court cases in Cali and Texas though imo.



I hope this argument doesn’t spill over to other companies in Georgia such as BLOE - that’s all we need


Unlikely I think Jaytee. Block is a British company, FRR clearly seen as an agent of Uncle Sam - who the Georgians have reason to fear if he threatens to pull the plug on economic and military support, and those US Senators and Congressmen are again turning up the heat.


Mike Pompeo was cc’d, he is the number 3 in the government. Would not surprise me if President Trump gets wind of Frontera’s situation. If the arbitration goes our way its all to play for.



Reposted link original froze or taken down!!??


By our standards, that is quite a sizeable chunk of airtime on little old FRR.


Oopsi thinks the vid is from 2014, maybe maybe not


Yes have been trying to date it myself!


Appears to have a date stamp of Jan 20th but of course it could be a repost!


It’s best to google translate the Georgian text yourself Eyeson, then it comes out with what I posted yesterday instead of what you see here. It seems clear to me that they are talking about what is going on right now, with a bit of archive footage of the MK gas processing facility thrown in for some context.