Remuneration of the boss



Shareholders happy with this?:
Centrica chief executive Iain Conn received a 44 per cent pay rise in 2018 despite the British Gas owner announcing thousands more job losses amid profit concerns.

Disgraceful that it is very difficult to do anything about this.


I have been saying for years that CNA is far and lazy and run for the benefit of a few managers. The pay rise is undeserved.

Frog in a tree


Well at least Unison are making a noise which is good to read seeing as the sp has now dropped below 110 under Conn’s watch.

Wonder what his pay rise might have been off the back of a rising sp and gaining customers as opposed to losing them.

"Trade union Unison has called on British Gas employees to use their votes to prevent Centrica boss Iain Conn from being given a £2.4m pay package at a general meeting in May.

“This obscene pay rise shows a total lack of empathy for the situation of employees who are struggling to make ends meet or who may soon be losing their jobs," said Unison’s national officer for energy Matt Lay.

“It’s impossible to defend when there are cutbacks throughout the company. Staff should make a stand at the forthcoming AGM.

“At a time when the company is struggling financially and staff face an uncertain future it simply cannot be right that the man at the top is enjoying such a huge pay and bonus extravaganza. We ask him to show some leadership by refusing to take this pay rise.”


His surname is Conn? Really?