Resistance lines smashed breakout alert for 117p



114.7p was second line resistance and has gone. The breakout price should be at 117p into a higher channel.


My internal mental chart is taking it’s first steps. Rise on Monday, slight retrace an Tuesday, rise on Wednesday. Let’s see if we stall or retrace on Thursday and rise towards 120p on Friday.



@tornadotony I’m calling today’s 0.48% rise a stall. So hopefully two steps ahead tomorrow and maybe we can break out of this 112p-116p rut.




I was preoccupied watching Australia lose to England in the World ICC cricket on a big screen. I decided against making any trades and joining the profit take. I am fairly confident that Centamin will eventually break 117p and enter a new channel. The report for Q2 is one week away. H2 is likely to be good for Centamin. The stock eventually will find the high 140’s probably in late September.





I haven’t gotten over a £1,500 profit on any closing price. I’m hoping to break that soon. Might take until September for a proper profit but I can wait.

Hope you enjoyed the match. Sometimes it’s best to get away from the market.