Results highlights:



Seems to have turned into a year of consolidation rather than growth, hence the sp performance. Focussing on success in the ‘medium to longer-term’ may be a high risk strategy given the prevailing Brexit uncertainties etc. Here is the chairman (edited) putting a positive spin on it:

“The Group has delivered another set of robust annual results, with turnover for the year at £101.9 million (2015: £114.2 million) and profit before tax at £32.9 million (2015: £34.0 million), including a revaluation surplus on our investment properties of £18.0 million (2015: £14.5 million) which contributed to a 30% increase in net asset value to £116.0 million (2015: £88.8 million).”

“Our financial performance was affected by a contractor engaged by INL running into financial difficulties, resulting in the delay of 23 legal completions, the proceeds from which will now fall into the year ending 30 June 2017. The actions taken to strengthen our in-house construction team meant that the Group was able to quickly take full control of the relevant sites and all of the related construction activity, which significantly limited the downside suffered.”

"The Group’s balance sheet has been strengthened during the period, with cash balances of £16.7 million (2015: £21.4 million) at the year end and net borrowings (defined as loans and the accrued ZDP liability less cash) amounting to £54.6 million (2015: £34.9 million). Borrowings have increased post year end due to continuing investment in land opportunities and a further increase in work in progress due to the momentum in our housebuilding activities.

Given the robust underlying performance of the Group, I’m pleased to report that the Board is proposing to increase the final dividend by 28.6% from 0.7p to 0.9p per share"

“During the year, INL sold 168 homes (2015: 287) (including 21 for Housing Association equivalent units (2015: 39)) at an average price of £337,000 (2015: £264,000) per private unit. Fewer homes were sold this year compared to last year, partly caused by delays in finishing the 23 units referred to above and partly because the previous year’s sales numbers were flattered by a bulk sale of 59 units.”

“The Group sold 425 (2015: 440) consented plots to other housebuilders in the year”

“Our rental income for the year increased by 165% to £2.1 million (2015: £0.8 million). Further increases are anticipated in the year to come as we continue to intensively manage our commercial and residential portfolio, and effectively exploit short term rental opportunities”.

"significant increase in the size of our strategic land bank (sites which are next to existing settlements and are highly likely to get zoned for development because the local authority is short of a five year land supply). From virtually no such holdings 18 months ago, we now have 17 options, delivering control over 330 acres, which offer the potential for over 1,600 residential plots.

Including strategic land, I am pleased to report the entire land bank has increased by 29% to a record 6,681 plots (2015: 5,176), a significant achievement by any measure and putting us in a good position to capitalise on these opportunities in the medium to long term."