Well looks like a few folk have got bored of waiting and sold up. Personally invested for the longer term and the big contract news.

Last years results were 5th June so not long to wait for a full update if no contract news in the meantime.

Tick up if anyone still hanging in here for the big news and just chilling and waiting…


Just a bit concerned as to how low this will drift if no news is forthcoming.



Taking a long time to finalise a few formalities on the contract!

Credibility of the Board is declining.


waiting for sub 15p again. You lot will say it won’t happen again but it did last time and I am sure it will again before soaring to my exit point of 25p again…
Or I am wrong but sitting on a tidy profit.
good luck all.


HT - you could be right. The price is drifting on tiny volume so the MMS happy to hoover up the shares that the bored want to offload.

Then with either good results and update on huge contract this reverts back to mid 20’s or the contract news lands and its north of 50p.

We all remember Warren Buffett…the patient make money from the impatient.

Good luck whatever your call. Personally will top up further if hits 15p but happy to be holding my main amount ready for news at any time. After all this is AIM and all can change in a day :wink:


I don?t believe Warren Buffett was thinking of one trick ponies when he made that quote.
But, I guess these homilies can provide some comfort when facts and updates are thin on the ground.


‘The quick and the dead’ is a more suitable quote for AIM.